Knowing how firm you like a mattress, how warm you sleep, or how often you wake up achy can lead you to buy a particular mattress that, you hope, meets your needs closely enough. Changing firmness on an adjustable-air bed, such as the Sleep Number i8 Bed we’ve tested, can satisfy one or two of your concerns. But Helix Sleep is one of a handful of new companies that says it can build the perfect mattress for you. You’ll even tell them how.

How It's Different

You can’t just buy the $900 Helix Sleep 10" Queen, a hybrid innerspring mattress we’ve gotten in for testing. How the company differs from most other mattress makers is that you must fill out a survey about yourself and any sleep partner before you place your order. Included, for instance, are age range, height, weight, body shape (see below), firmness preferences, and medical conditions that could affect sleep. You’ll fill it out for both you and your sleep partner, and you choose whether to have one mattress that blends both partners’ particulars or, for $100 more, one that tailors individual halves of the bed. 

We bought the Helix Sleep 10" Queen in the latter configuration in order to assess how the individual halves of the bed differ in terms of back and side support, bounce resistance, durability, and other factors. But from what we’ve seen of the Helix Sleep policies, the company seems about as generous as other online bed-in-a-box sellers—meaning little risk even though the mattress is made to your personal specs.

Shipping within the U.S. is free (to Canada, it’s C$150), though a customer-service agent told us you’ll have to dispose of your old mattress yourself. You then get 100 nights to decide if you like the mattress. If not, notify the company before the sleep trial is up, and Helix will arrange to have the product picked up for donation or recycling.

Looking for a New Mattress?

Choosing among brands, sellers, and bed characteristics can be challenging if you haven’t shopped for a mattress for many years. Give yourself a refresher course first by viewing our buying guide. In addition to our Ratings of nearly 60 innerspring, foam, and adjustable-air mattresses—to which we’ll be adding results of the Helix Sleep and more than 20 other mattresses—in the coming months we’ll be updating our survey-based Ratings of mattress brands and stores.

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