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Media Contacts
Journalists can call our Communications Department at 1-914-378-2029 or by using the contact form below.
New York Headquarters

Barrie Rosen

Director of Communications

+1 (914) 378-2090

Douglas Love

Associate Director, Communications

+1 (914) 378-2437

C. Matt Fields

Manager, Communications

+1 (914) 378-2454

James McQueen

Communications Counsel

+1 (914) 378-2839

Rocio Guzman

Communications Counsel

+1 (914) 378-2742

West Coast Office

Michael McCauley

Media Director

+1 (415) 431-6747

Washington D.C. Office

David Butler

Senior Director, Strategic Issues

+1 (202) 462-6262

Kara Kelber

Senior Media Associate

+1 (202) 462-6262

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