Top 10 SUVs and Minivans With the Most Cargo Space

    These roomy and versatile models are available with flexible cargo areas and various seating configurations

    Chrysler Pacifica MiniVan with Cargo area Photo: Chrysler

    Minivan or SUV? For years, consumers looking for the most cargo room had just one option: the minivan.

    It may scream “soccer mom” to some people, but there is no denying that minivans provide abundant cargo room and low loading floors that make it easy to put everything inside. And those sliding side doors make getting boxes, bags, furniture—you name it!—in and out a breeze.

    But hold on. That was then, and the midsized and large SUVs of today offer plenty of cargo room as well.

    Second- and third-row seats that fold flat into the floor make it a snap to go from hauling passengers to carrying cargo. Plus, they all have standard or optional all-wheel drive, something only two minivans offer. Finally, SUVs often have a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds or more. Minivans top out at 3,500 pounds if they’re even rated to tow.

    More on Minivans and SUVs

    Still, knowing how much cargo your minivan or SUV can carry is a challenge. While automakers are happy to highlight the overall luggage capacity of their offerings, not all of that generous-sounding cargo room is necessarily usable space. Having a lot of space doesn’t do much good if the cargo opening is narrow, short, or oddly shaped. 

    At Consumer Reports, we evaluate cargo room differently. For SUVs, we use an expandable rectangular pipe-frame “box.” We enlarge it enough to just fit through the rear opening and extend it into the cargo bay as far as possible without preventing the hatch from closing.

    Cargo capacity is the volume enclosed by that box. This gives consumers a better idea of what they can fit in the back, whether it’s luggage for a trip, a new dishwasher, or a big-screen TV coming home from the electronics store. (Learn more about how Consumer Reports tests cars.)

    We’ve identified the 10 minivans and SUVs with the most usable cargo room based on our testing process. They’re ranked in order of cubic feet of cargo room with both rows folded down, with the top performer first.

    While there are other minivans and large SUVs that we’ve tested, their usable cargo room is less than that of even the best midsized SUVs because they have second-row captain’s chairs that can’t be removed and/or don’t fold flat into the floor. This limits their overall available cargo space.

    We indicate whether the minivan or SUV comes with forward collision warning (FCW), automatic emergency braking (AEB), and blind spot warning (BSW) as standard or optional equipment. Note that not every vehicle is recommended. This may be because of below-average reliability or a too-low Overall Score.

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