Pillow Face-Off: Beckham Luxury Linens vs. Casper

Which of these pillows from Consumer Reports’ tests should rest your head on?

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Casper and Beckam Luxury pillows Casper and Beckam Luxury

If you’ve considered buying a pillow online, you’re likely to come across Beckham Luxury Linens and Casper, two popular options.

The former is an Amazon favorite, with 13,000-plus reviews and an average of 4.5 stars. The latter is from a leading mattress-in-a-box company. One difference you might notice right away when comparing the Beckham Luxury Linens Hotel Collection pillow and Casper Original Pillow? Price.

The Beckham price is $40 for two standard-size pillows, and the Casper costs $60 for one standard-size pillow, or three times as much as the Beckham if you buy two. (CR tests standard-size pillows because they’re the most commonly purchased size.)

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But don’t let the prices influence your choice: “You can’t judge a pillow by materials or price tag,” says Chris Regan, CR’s project leader who oversees our pillow testing. “Though pillows might have the same materials, some flatten out a lot faster and aren’t as supportive over time.”

Both pillows are filled with a "down alternative" polyester fiber and both are machine washable, provided you use the delicate cycle. Both pillow manufacturers offer a full refund within a trial period—with Casper, you have 100 days to try out the pillow; with the Beckham, you have 30 days.

But which one should grace the head of your bed? Read on to find out which pillow wins in this matchup. For more information as you shop, see our pillow buying guide. To see all the pillows we test, check out our pillow ratings. If you’re considering other options, check out our reviews of the best pillows we’ve tested.


Beckham Luxury Linens Hotel Collection
The Beckham Luxury Linens Hotel Collection pillow has a 100 percent cotton cover and a filling of 100 percent polyester gel-fiber. The manufacturer claims that the materials in the Beckham pillow keep it cool. This pillow is also machine-washable.

Though it’s more known for its mattresses, Casper also has a bedding collection that includes the Casper Original Pillow. It has a 100 percent cotton cover and a polyester microfiber fill. Casper claims that its cotton cover makes the pillow cooler.

Test by Test

In this test, we assess how well each pillow supports the head and neck of people of all sizes—petite, average, and large or tall—whether they sleep on their side or back. We use a pressure mat to analyze roughly 1,600 pressure points and note areas where the pillow is too soft or too firm around the head or doesn’t offer adequate support.

Of the pillows in our ratings, the Beckham is an outlier, earning Excellent ratings for both our side and back support tests. Casper, on the other hand, earns a Very Good rating for side support and a Good rating for back support. Not bad, but it doesn’t measure up to two Excellent ratings.

The Beckham pillow wins here.

To simulate use over time, we place a 225-pound, evenly distributed load on each pillow that has been placed in a room set to 80 percent humidity with a temperature of 98.6° F to mimic body heat, and we leave it for 96 hours.

We measure the thickness and firmness of the pillow after we take it out of the test chamber and again after hand-fluffing it. Pillows that return to their original shape score well in this test.

In terms of resilience, the Beckham pillow wins again, earning a Good rating. That means it may have some areas where it’ll flatten a bit after extended use, but that’s still better than the Casper, which earns a Fair rating in this test.

It’s another win for the Beckham pillow.

Use and Preference
We ask a panel of testers to rate the pillows based on a number of criteria that machines can’t measure, such as whether the pillow conforms well to the head and whether the cover is comfortable.

Testers also note whether the pillow looks sturdy—whether the stitching is even or coming apart—plus whether the pillow has a removable cover that you can wash separately. Altogether, this makes up our use and preference rating.

Our panelists noted that the Beckham pillow was very comfortable, although some of them did not like the filling and others didn’t like the feel of the cover. Several found that the pillow height wasn’t suitable for them.

Overall, the Beckham pillow earns a Good rating from our panelists. The Casper, however, does better, earning a Very Good rating. Many panelists liked the feeling of its cover and its filling; only a few didn’t like the height of the pillow.

Casper wins this round.

A pillow that traps heat and makes you sweat can cause uncomfortable sleep. So we test how insulating a pillow is by measuring the temperature between the head and the pillow after 60 minutes of use. We also use a humidity sensor to evaluate how breathable a pillow is.

The Casper is great here, and earns an Excellent rating for allowing moisture to pass through. But the Beckham is good, too; based on our tests, it might be a little warm at times, but it doesn’t tend to make sleepers sweaty.

Both earn an Excellent rating in this test, so it’s a tie.

The Winner

Although the Casper costs more than the Beckham pillow, you don’t get more comfort. In fact, the Beckham provides better support for side and back sleepers and more resilience, too, so it’s likely to last longer.

You’ll have 30 days instead of Casper’s 100 days to try out the pillow, but that’s still plenty of nights to gauge whether you like it.

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