Hoover Dual Power Max Pet FH51001 (Walmart) carpet cleaner

This Hoover Dual Power Max Pet FH51001 full-sized carpet cleaner has

  • separate tanks for clean and dirty water


The Hoover Dual Power Max Pet FH51001 (Walmart) is part of the Carpet cleaner test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Carpet cleaner models like the Dual Power Max Pet FH51001 (Walmart) are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Cleaning: Shows how well each machine removed red clay stain from carpet.

Dryness: Indicates how much solution was left behind. The best left a few ounces; the worst left over a pint in the area cleaned.

Convenience: Included machine weight, cord length, coverage area, and tank access, filing and emptying.


Hose Hose Hose and accessories are useful for cleaning upholstery, stairways, and other areas.
Separate tanks Separate tanks Separate tanks for water and cleaning solution are better than having a single tank for both.
Carrying handle Carrying handle Has a handle to aid in carrying or moving machine around.


Calculated coverage area (Sq. ft.) Calculated coverage area The calculated area of carpet that can be cleaned using one full tank of solution.
Hose length (in.) Hose length The length of the hose used for cleaning accessories.
Weight (Full) (lbs.) Weight (Full) The weight of the machine when filled with cleaning solution.
Weight (Empty) (lbs.) Weight (Empty) The weight of the machine without any cleaning solution in the tank.
Weight (Solution tank) (lbs.) Weight (Solution tank) The weight of the solution tank that will need to be moved or carried from the sink to the machine.