Home Security Systems

Ring Alarm Kit 5-Piece home security system


Optional monitoring for $10/month ($100/year). Uses a cellular connection (requires paid monitoring) when WiFi is not available. Has a rechargeable battery in base station for when power is out. Has a keypad for passcodes. Can trigger siren remotely using the App.


What's in the box What's in the box What main components were included in the tested version - doesn't include cables, fittings, or the like.
Base station, keypad, motion sensor, contact sensor, range extender
Key fob Key fob Options for arming and disarming the system other than the app and a keypad.
Two factor authentication Two factor authentication Two factor authentication increases protection against hackers.
Used for both app and web.
Voice control Voice control Digital assistants that can be used with your voice to control the security system.
Amazon Alexa
Passcode Passcode System can be armed or disarmed using a passcode.
Web access Web access Access to the system through the internet.
Battery backup Battery backup Systems use batteries to continue to work without power.
Cellular Cellular If the system can connect using cellular signals when WiFi is out - may require additional fees.
Requires monitoring