Vision Kamado Professional S-T4C1D1 grill

This Visions Kamado was Very Good in overall performance and has the following:

  • 300 sq. in. of primary and.
  • 269 sq. in. secondary cooking areas.
  • 490 sq. in. of shelf space


The Vision Kamado Professional S-T4C1D1 is part of the Grill test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Grill models like the Kamado Professional S-T4C1D1 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Convenience: Convenience is based on whether the kamado has a aligning lid, wheels for moving the kamado, and shelves. How easy it is to add charcoal, light and venting of the kamado.

Cleaning: Cleaning is based on how easy it is to clean the ash from the kamado.

Cooking performance: Both high temperature and low temperature cooking was done on the kamado grills. Fresh pizza was cooked at the high temperature and pork shoulder was cooked at a low temperature.


Locking lid Locking lid The kamado grill has a locking lid that helps keep a tighter seal during cooking
Utensil hooks Utensil hooks The kamado grill has utensil hooks on its side shelves for hanging barbecue tools.
Fold down shelf(s) Fold down shelf(s) Indicates whether the grill has one or more fold down shelves.
Additional features or accessories Additional features or accessories Additional features or accessories can be a cover, bottle opener, bottom shelf, type of vents etc.
top and bottom vents have numbers for adjusting temperatures, electric starter, comes with accessory rack


Exterior dimensions (HxWxD) Exterior dimensions The exterior measurement of the kamado with shelves.
46 x 51 x 31
Exterior grill material Exterior grill material The manufacturer's claim for the exterior grill material.
Ceramic with wood shelves
Grates Grates The type of grates on the kamado grill.
Primary cooking grid area (sq. in.) Primary cooking grid area Primary cooking grid area
Secondary cooking grid area (sq. in.) Secondary cooking grid area Secondary cooking grid area
Shelf space (sq. in.) Shelf space Shelf space rounded to the nearest 5 sq. in.
Wheels and casters Wheels and casters Most kamados nest in a cart with wheels or casters or both. Those with legs without wheels or casters have to be picked up to move from place to place.
2 locking and 2 rubber casters
Warranty (yrs.) Warranty (yrs.) The length of the warranty, in years.
Limited lifetime (ceramic), 5 (metal parts), 1 (gauge, gasket,cover) 90 days (shelves, lava stone, hose, regulator)