Shark Steam Pocket S3501

This Shark steam mop has the ability to use both sides of the mop head without having to change the cleaning pad.


The Shark Steam Pocket S3501 is part of the Steam mop test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Steam mop models like the Steam Pocket S3501 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Cleaning: How well the steam mop cleans stains on ceramic tile.

Steam rate: Based on the amount of steam a unit produces per minute.

Convenience: Comparative use tests, comfort and convenience.


Ready light or indicator Ready light or indicator Lets you know when unit is ready to use.
Empty light or indicator Empty light or indicator Lets you know when unit needs a refill.
Unit must be pumped in use Unit must be pumped in use Steam flows only when unit is pumped in back-and-forth motion.


Weight (lb.) Weight How much the unit weighs when ready to use.
Reservoir capacity (fl oz) Reservoir capacity The amount of water the reservoir holds.
Warranty Warranty Length of warranty.
1 year
Time to heat (sec.) Time to heat Time required for the machine to produce steam.
Steam levels Steam levels Number of steam levels the machine has.