California Kids #supersensitive Tinted Lotion SPF 30+ sunscreen


The California Kids #supersensitive Tinted Lotion SPF 30+ is part of the Sunscreen test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Sunscreen models like the #supersensitive Tinted Lotion SPF 30+ are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

UVA Protection: The level of protection against UVA radiation.

SPF: Level of protection against sunburn producing rays. Score based on the SPF range found in our tests. Approximate ranges for tested SPF: Greater than 40 (Excellent), 30-39 (Very Good), 20-29 (Good), 10-19 (Fair), Less than 10 (Poor)

Variation from SPF: This rating is a measure of how closely a sunscreen's tested UVB (SPF) protection matched the SPF on the label. Approximate ranges for the tested SPF compared to the labeled SPF: 85% or above labeled SPF (Excellent), 70%-84% labeled SPF (Very Good), 60%-69% labeled SPF (Good), 50%-59% labeled SPF (Fair), Below 50% labeled SPF (Poor)


Water resistance (min.) Water resistance The product's claimed level of water resistance in minutes.