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Amazon Fire 7 (16GB) tablet

A tablet from Amazon with a 7-inch screen and running on the Fire OS 5.0 operating system. Additional child-oriented content can be downloaded using Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. This model also has an optional cover available, at an additional cost of $22.


The Fire is a tablet with a 7-inch screen and a resolution of 1024x600. Additional child-oriented content can be downloaded using Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, and parents can download more apps from Amazon Appstore. It supports profiles for multiple children. This model was tested with an optional cover, at an additional cost of $22.

The tablet has a 1.3GHz ARM v7 processor that runs on the Fire OS 5.0 operating system. It has 1GB memory and 8GB storage. You can add a microSD memory card for more storage. It has relatively coarse screen resolution, 170 pixels per inch. The rectangular screen is a better shape for videos than for photos.

There is a headphone jack with a volume control, a built-in microphone, and built-in speaker. Internet connectivity is via WiFi. It has a 0.3-megapixel webcam, and it has a 2-megapixel camera. To lower its overall cost, Amazon uses Special Offers on this tablet, which are ads that display on the standby screen. Charges for Amazon FreeTime Unlimited start at $2.99/mo for Prime members, after the trial period ends.


WiFi WiFi Has wireless internet functionality, 802.11g or higher. Typically for use within home networks or outside hotspots.


Removable cover Removable cover Removable bumper or cover. This might be a rubber case that encloses the tablet, a case or lid that acts like a book cover, or a keyboard that protects the screen when closed.
Time controls Time controls Ability to set restricted time of day or total allowed amount of time. Different tablets might apply this restriction to either time on the internet, playing individual apps, or using the tablet as a whole.
Web browser for kids Web browser for kids Restricted web browser with filters. Different tablets will have different settings, which might include: fixed or customizable list of allowed websites, types of websites, or specifically blocked websites. Tablets that lack a web browser for kids will either give kids no access or full access to a web browser.
App approval or blocking App approval or blocking A parental control that lets parents choose which apps their children can use. This setting might involve approving or blocking individual games or programs.
Memory card reader Memory card reader A slot for a standard memory card (usually a microSD) to expand storage or transfer files.
Webcam Webcam A user-facing camera for taking self portraits.
Camera Camera An outward-facing camera for shooting photos or video recordings.
Fingerprint-resistant screen Fingerprint-resistant screen Screen coating that reduces adhesion of skin oils and makes cleaning easier.
Capacitive touchscreen Capacitive touchscreen A capacitive touchscreen requires less pressure and is more precise than the resistive type.


Age range Age range The tablet is appropriate for the noted range of children's ages, as suggested by the manufacturer. "—" means no range is specified.
Operating system Operating system The underlying program that runs the user interface and applications.
Fire OS 5.0
Internal storage (GB) Internal storage Storage for the operating system, downloaded apps, and user content.
Length (in.) Length Measures the longer, vertical edge when viewing in portrait orientation. Does not include case or covers.
Width (in.) Width Measures the shorter, horizontal edge when viewing in portrait orientation. Does not include case or covers.
Depth (in.) Depth Measures thickness between front and back of tablet. Does not include case or covers.
Webcam MP Webcam MP Megapixel resolution of the user-facing camera. Higher MP will allow for more detailed photos and videos.
Camera MP Camera MP Megapixel resolution of the outward-facing camera. Higher MP will allow for more detailed photos and videos.

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