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Looking for the right range type.

Find the Right Range Type for Your Kitchen

Each of the five range styles has its advantages

Freestanding ranges have long been the most popular type of cooking appliance. But that doesn't mean there's nothing new in the range aisle. You now have more options to consider, such as freestanding models with front controls and sleek slide-in stoves. To take advantage of seasonal deals on kitchen ranges, narrow your choices with this advice from the appliance pros at Consumer Reports. Here are the highs and lows of five types of ranges, as well as a pick from our testing of each type.

Freestanding Range With Front Controls
Kenmore Pro 92583

Kenmore Pro 92583

Highs: Place the range between cabinets or on its own, because the sides are finished. It has the same advantages of a regular freestanding kitchen range, but for added style and a modern look, the back control panel is gone and the controls are up front. The Kenmore is an electric smoothtop, and was excellent overall in our tests. Gas models worth a look include the $2,700 GE Café CGS985SETSS and the $2,100 LG LSG4513ST. Note that some manufacturers call their ranges slide-in, even though they don't have the wider cooktop that overlaps the counter and gives a built-in look. 

Lows: Prices start around $1,700, and some models have their primary oven vents near the top of the door and blow out warm air. You'll see photos in our range ratings that show the vents, and look for the vents when comparing ranges in the store. 

    Slide-In Range
    Samsung NX58H9500WS

    Samsung NX58H9500WS

    Highs: The sides are unfinished because the range is designed to fit in between cabinets. Slide-ins are often 30 inches wide, like most ranges, but the cooktop is slightly wider and overlaps the counters on both sides, giving it a built-in look. The controls are up front, allowing your tile backsplash to dazzle. Typically there's a storage drawer or warming drawer. The Samsung is a gas slide-in with a warming drawer below the oven. The range was impressive in our tests. The $3,200 Bosch HllP054U, an electric induction slide-in, scored excellent overall and offers the benefits of induction, and also has a warming drawer. Click on Features & Specs in our range ratings to quickly see which kitchen ranges are slide-ins. 

    Lows: The range must be precisely fitted into its cutout, and the gap between the back of the range and wall needs to be filled for a finished, built-in look. The primary oven vents may be located near the top of the door and blow out warm air. Expect to pay $1,300 to $3,500. 

      Double-Oven Range
      LG LDE3037BD

      LG LDE3037BD

      Highs: Offering added flexibility and convenience, most double-oven ranges have a small top oven for weeknight dinners and a larger oven below for roasting a turkey or baking racks of cookies—different foods, different temperatures, and all at once. Some ranges have two ovens of the same size. Available in freestanding and slide-in models, the LG is a freestanding electric smoothtop range, and it aced all of our tests. Among gas ranges, the $3,300 Samsung NY58J9850WS slide-in range was the best double-oven model. Unlike other double-oven kitchen ranges, the Samsung has a slide-in partition that converts the oven into two cavities and has separate temperature controls. But the oven settings are limited when using both ovens at the same time. 

      Lows: The bottom oven is low to the floor, so lifting a heavy roasting pan out of it can take some effort. And there's no storage drawer. 

        Pro-Style Range
        Wolf GR366

        Wolf GR366

        Highs: More than a range, this status symbol mimics the look of a commercial range, becoming a focal point in the kitchen. Heavy burners, beefy knobs, stainless construction, and usually a stainless finish say it's a pro-style. The sides are finished, and width varies from 30 to 60 inches (we buy and test 30- and 36-inch models). The controls are up front, and some models offer the option of a back panel and a shelf for added style and storage. Most pro-style ranges are gas and have three or more high-power burners for delivering fast heat. Dual-fuel kitchen ranges, which combine the control offered by a gas range with an electric oven, are also in our range ratings. This 36-inch Wolf was good overall in our tests. 

        Lows: They're expensive, anywhere from $2,500 to $7,700 in our ratings. Despite the price, they aren't the best we've tested. And some have small ovens or lack a self-clean feature, or their main oven vents are near the top of the door and blow out warm air.

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