A Jané Muum Stroller

Jané is recalling about 800 Muum strollers because the design allows an unharnessed child to pass through the opening between the stroller seat and grab bar, or armrest. This could allow the child’s neck to become entrapped by the armrest, which poses a strangulation risk.

The recall comes six months after Consumer Reports first discovered the potential hazard in the course of testing. At the time, Consumer Reports notified the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Jané, and rated the Muum stroller a Don’t Buy: Safety Risk. The CPSC confirmed that it was first alerted to the issue by Consumer Reports. Fortunately, the recall was issued prior to any reported incidents or injuries, as noted in the agency's recall notice

"We applaud Jané for taking seriously the finding from our testing," says Don Huber, director of product safety for Consumer Reports. "In addition, we commend Jané for taking the initiative to work with the CPSC to recall the affected products in a timely manner, before a single child was injured.”

Details of the Stroller Recall

The recall: About 800 Jané Muum Strollers. The recalled strollers have a black frame, a reclining seat or hammock that is reversible, and a hood. An insert is sold with the stroller for smaller babies. There is a basket for storage underneath the stroller seat.

The recalled strollers were sold in dark gray and black (S85), light gray and black (S49), blue and black (S46) and green and black (S47). “Muum by Jané” is printed on the front bottom frame. “Muum” is printed on the side frame and on the handle. “Jané” and “Muum,” “Jané USA LLC,” “Muum US 5399US/S85” or “S47,” “S49,” “S46” are printed on a label on the leg of the stroller.

The risk: The design allows an unharnessed child to pass through the opening between the stroller seat and armrest, potentially allowing the child’s neck to become entrapped by the armrest in the process.

Incidents/injuries: None.

Where and when sold: Albee Baby, Baby World, Kidsland, Toys "R" US, Dainty Baby, USA Baby stores, and other stores nationwide, and online at Amazon.com and other websites from July 2016 through August 2017 for between $300 and $450.

The remedy: If you own the stroller, you should stop using it and contact Jané for a free repair. The repair consists of a free replacement armrest. Consumers can continue using the recalled strollers if they remove the armrest and harness the child properly until they receive the replacement armrest.

Consumer Reports has ordered the replacement armrest, and we will test it and report back.

Contact information: Call Jané at 844-200-7971; email info@jane-usa.com; or go to its website, at jane-usa.com, and click on MUUM USA MODEL for more information.

Report a defective product: Call the CPSC hotline at 800-638-2772 or go to saferproducts.gov.

This recall highlights the need to register baby gear with the manufacturer.

"We strongly recommend that consumers register baby and children's products at the time of purchase for exactly this reason," says Huber. "Registering products provides the manufacturer with the information they need to contact consumers directly when a product is recalled."

Additionally, the recall underscores the danger of buying baby gear secondhand, without a product registration card. Even if a previous owner registered a stroller, high chair, or car seat, in most cases they’ll have no way of contacting someone who buys it at a yard sale, on Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, for instance. For that reason, Consumer Reports always recommends buying products new for babies and children, and registering those products immediately.

Jané Muum Stroller