The recalled Sea-Doo cooler.

For the second time in as many months, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of a marine cooler because the latch can lock automatically, possibly trapping someone inside. The most recent recall involves 2,500 BRP Sea-Doo marine coolers that are intended for use on boats.

In May, Igloo recalled 60,000 marine coolers after a 5-year-old Florida boy became trapped inside while playing hide-and-seek. Fortunately, his parents were nearby and freed him, so he suffered no harm. There have been no such incidents associated with the Sea-Doo coolers, according to the CPSC’s recall notice.

More on Recalls

Marine coolers are not like your everyday picnic coolers, which are meant to keep snacks and beverages cool. These heavy-duty coolers are constructed to withstand the harsh conditions you might encounter on a boat, such as direct sunlight, corrosive salt water, and rough water conditions. Because they are designed to hold freshly caught fish, the coolers are very well-insulated and the lids are designed to stay shut when a boat hits a wave or choppy water.

While safety regulations require that any refrigerator sold in the U.S. have the ability to be opened from the inside to prevent entrapment, coolers aren’t subject to the same regulations. Sea-Doo is replacing the latch with one that enables the cooler to be opened from the inside.

Details of the Sea-Doo Recall

The recall: 2,500 Sea-Doo LinQ 13.5-gallon or 51-liter marine coolers sold separately or with the Sea-Doo Fish Pro personal watercraft, model year 2019. The coolers are made for use on boats and in marine environments. The part number 269800817 is engraved under the cooler and can also be found on a sticker under the cooler. The coolers are white with a black storage pocket.

The risk: The cooler latch can automatically lock when the lid is closed, allowing a person to become locked inside the airtight container, posing entrapment and suffocation hazards.

Incidents: None reported.

Where and when sold: Sea-Doo dealers nationwide and online on,, and other websites from September 2018 through June 2019 for about $650 when sold separately from the watercraft.

The remedy: Consumers should put the coolers out of the reach of children and contact a BRP Sea-Doo dealer for a free repair to replace the latch.

Contact Sea-Doo: Sea-Doo is contacting consumers who have registered their products. For more information, call 888-272-9222 or go to Sea-Doo’s website.

Report a defective product: Call the CPSC hotline at 800-638-2772 or go to