It was all hands on deck when Consumer Reports set out to test the hands-free LG Signature refrigerator. Our secret shoppers bought two models and brought them into our refrigerator labs. Then our engineers put them through a battery of tests to see how they perform their primary job of keeping food cold.

But it was the special features—the self-opening door, the instant interior lighting, and the self-closing drawers—that got the video team excited, as you’ll see in the clips below.

The LG Signature is a true four-door French-door refrigerator, meaning the freezer has doors and not a drawer. The refrigerator has a flat front and no handles. Consumer Reports bought the LG Signature LUPXS3186N, $7,585, and the counter-depth LG Signature LUPXC2386N, $7,560, for testing. And yes, they are expensive.

Our Test Results

In our performance tests the Signature LUPXS3186N and Signature LUPXC2386N performed similarly, although higher scores for energy efficiency bumped up the final score for the full-sized model. Both aced our tests for attaining and maintaining a constant temperature, and interior temperature uniformity was very good, so your perishables will stay at the right temperature no matter where you put them.

These LG Signature fridges are super-quiet, and though these models are a bit unconventional in design, our testers found it easy to adjust the controls, and they liked the bright LED lighting. As good as they are, neither cracked our top picks list. Here's a look at the features:

Hop to It

You might have seen the TV ads in which a car’s liftgate magically opens when a woman with bags of groceries in her arms runs her foot under the back bumper. Now LG has moved that technology indoors, and you can open the right-hand refrigerator door with your foot if your hands are sticky or otherwise occupied. A spot of light projected on the floor indicates where the sensor is. Break the light beam and ta-da! At that point you can open the door all the way or it will close automatically in a few seconds.

Knock Knock, What’s There?

The LG Signature features what it calls the InstaView Door-in-Door, which the company says saves energy. Rap your knuckles twice on the mirrored-glass panel and LED lights pop on so that you can see what's inside. The idea is, if you're making a grocery list—or wishing hard that you have some beer left—you can take a peek without opening the door and letting cool air escape. And if there does happen to be one last beverage, you can open the glass panel rather than the entire door to grab it.

Oh, Snap!

The doors on the freezer swing open to reveal six drawers, which are easier to organize than the black hole of a deep freezer drawer found on most French-door refrigerators. LG calls the drawers self-closing and, boy, are they! Let go and the drawers snap back into place faster than you can say, "I want an ice pop."

LG isn’t the first refrigerator manufacturer to try to wow consumers with bells and whistles. The Samsung Family Hub has a WiFi-ready LCD screen and a camera inside, so you can peek inside the fridge remotely with an app on your cell phone from the kitchen or your grocery store. The LG is tame by comparison. All it tries to do is keep your food cold in a cool way.