If you're wondering (and who's not) how much you should have saved for retirement by now in order to have the same lifestyle in retirement, this table should satisfy your curiosity. It's adapted from research by J.P. Morgan Asset Management and based on your current age and income level. 

4 Free Tools to Help Plan Your Retirement

These websites help you see where you stand and start strategizing for the future.


What It Does

Why You Need It

How to Use It

Social Security Administration

Provides an estimate of your individual benefit at ages 62, 70, and your full retirement age (from 66 to 67, depending on when you were born).

Knowing your benefit amount can help you determine how much you still need to save on your own.

Supply your (and your spouse's, if you're married) Social Security number.

California Teachers Association Projected Retirement Expense Calculator

Estimates your expenses for every year of your retirement, based on a 3 percent inflation factor.To help you plan a savings strategy.

Click on "Calculators" under Tools & Resources on the website home page. Have an estimate of your current spending handy.

AARP Social Security Benefits Calculator

Tells you what percentage of your living expenses in retirement will be covered by Social Security income.Lets you compare the effect of different retirement and claiming scenarios.

Search for "Social Security Benefits Calculator" on the AARP website. Provide your (and your spouse's, if you're married) current salary and monthly expenses.

T. Rowe Price Retirement Income Calculator

Calculates how much money you will have available in retirement, per month and overall. You can change input such as your age at retirement or savings rate and compare the new and old results. This is most useful for those within five to 10 years of retirement.

If it identifies a shortfall in your retirement income, you can work to save more, or plan to reduce future spending.

Hover over "Retirement" toward the top of the home page, then choose "Retirement Planning" from the drop-down menu. Input your estimated monthly spending in retirement as well as total current savings and other information. (You all need to register to use this tool; T. Rowe Price says the information is not sold to any third parties.)

Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the January 2017 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.