10 Best Road-Trip Vehicles

CR's tests show that these are the best road-trip models across popular categories

A Ford F-150 pickup truck
Illustration: Patrick Hruby

What’s the perfect set of wheels for your much-anticipated journey? Don’t leave it to chance. Use our first-ever Road-Trip-Worthy Scores of vehicles across six categories. We mined data from our proprietary vehicle testing (for performance, comfort, fuel efficiency, and more), plus reliability and satisfaction surveys, and safety features to craft this new score. (Third-row seating comfort is part of our Overall Score for SUVs and minivans. Maximum seating capacity is not part of this score.)

All vehicles that made our list are culled from CR’s recommended models, which means they meet our high standards for safety, reliability, and performance.

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We recommend that you take into account good ride quality, the quietness of the cabin, and front- and rear-seat comfort. You and your passengers will be in the vehicle for a good amount of time, and you don’t want the journey to feel like punishment. You’ll want a vehicle that gets decent fuel economy and has good range to limit your refueling stops.

And of course, any vehicle that doesn’t have the cargo space you need isn’t the right choice for you. 

These 10 models are the road-trip warriors that stand out in popular categories, based on CR data. You can assemble your own list with CR ratings by using our A-to-Z guide.

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SUV: Toyota Highlander