Quietest Midsized and Large Sedans From Consumer Reports' Tests

Whether you're on a daily drive or a long road trip, these 10 are standouts

2020 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T Honda North America

Unlike compact sedans, midsized cars bring more refinement with their higher prices. They all have quieter, roomier interiors than their smaller siblings. But that doesn’t mean every single one is library-quiet inside.

It can be a challenge for shoppers to determine during a brief test drive just how loud a vehicle is. Larger wheels and tires transfer road noise into the cabin, while some automakers limit their use of sound-deadening material, which absorbs noise, in order to lighten the car and improve fuel economy. Also, many sedans come with small four-cylinder engines, which work hard to accelerate, particularly at highway speeds, so they can get pretty loud.

Below, we’ve identified the quietest midsized and large sedans, and ranked them in order of the results in our interior noise tests. They’re all recommended, meaning they scored well in our road tests, have good reliability, have key active safety features, and performed well in crash tests.

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We evaluate interior noise among more than 50 objective and subjective tests. To do so, we listen to the wind, road, engine, and tire noises generated when the vehicle is driven over various pavements, both on our track and on public roads.

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