The bulky, gizmo-like designs of early smartwatches may have turned off many people who would otherwise appreciate the notifications and other time-saving benefits they provide. But a number of smartwatch makers have been working to refine smartwatch design.

Apple and Samsung have focused on clean design, but their products resemble sci-fi film props more than traditional timepieces. Huawei is a good example of a company going in the opposite direction, toward an elegant, classic look. Its Watch is thin, round and made from premium-grade steel—like a fine watch you’d be proud to wear.

Now the Huawei Watch has two more companions with a bit more flair: The Watch Elegant and Watch Jewel.

These attractive watches have beautiful gold-metal cases festooned with eye-catching decorations along the bezel. The $500 Watch Elegant (above) has a sparkly, thread-like pattern along the edge. The $600 Watch Jewel (below) is encrusted with tiny Swarovski Zirconia, which are tiny enough to pass for diamonds. And when these watches become available in February, they’ll come with a fresh set of watch-faces and bands. Ironically, these “ladies” versions are 2mm wider than the Huawei Watch in our Ratings. According to Huawei, the original model becomes a man's watch by default.

These watches also have built in microphones and speakers to handle voice calls, Wi-Fi for connecting to your smartphone over greater distances, and they should be able to survive a dunk in 3 feet of water for about 30 minutes. Also, their 1.4-inch screens are a decently sharp 400 x 400 and should be easy to read in low light, if they perform similarly to the Huawei Watch in our Ratings.

One potential performance blemish: The heart-rate monitor and step counter in the original Huawei Watch we tested are less accurate compared to a fair number of the other smartwatches in our Ratings. However, the Watch is a recommended product, with excellent marks for usability. And that's the thing about even the most elegant model in this category—to really work for users, it first needs to be a watch that's smart.

An image of the Watch Jewel from Huawei.
The Watch Jewel ($600) from Huawei is encrusted with tiny Swarovski Zirconia crystals.