Outdoor Voices Circuit Sports Bra Review

This cute, full-coverage bra offers great support 

Outdoor Voices sports bra
The Outdoor Voices Circuit Bra
Photo: Angela Lashbrook/Consumer Reports

Price: $68
Where to buy: Outdoor Voices
Size range: S to XL band, B-DD cups
Style: Encapsulation
Adjustable straps: Yes 
Adjustable band: Yes
Straps style: Crossback
Other features: None

“I loved this bra! Yes, it’s a crossback, which is not my preference, but it was supportive, comfy, and CUTE,” writes one of our evaluators, a 36D. I got mine in a neutral olive, which looked good with my pale, cool-toned skin. Most importantly, though, this one fits. It fully covers the breasts, even larger ones, and allows for fearless inverted poses, with no threat of excessive bounce in HIIT or spin. 

Its wide crossback straps are adjustable, as is its band, which has three pairs of two hooks. The front of the bra has a seam up each cup, which sounds less attractive than it is—it allows for a bit of shaping and helps the bust to feel more supported. This bra also has the benefit of looking cute underneath T-shirts or sweaters, and is comfortable enough to wear all day while still offering good support for most activities except running. 

There are a few downsides, though. Small bands with large busts, like me, may find that the band in the cup size they want isn’t quite tight enough for full support. Though I wore it on the tightest hook, I experienced a tiny bit of sliding during stretching poses, so I wasn’t as well-supported as I should have been—and I’ll be out of luck if the band stretches out with time. (More sizes, or an extra hook, would improve this.) The other evaluators didn’t experience this issue, though our evaluator who is a 32A says that she generally liked the bra and found it comfortable and supportive, but she finds that “it feels a bit like a contraption—too much bra.” Smaller busts may prefer the look of simpler bras more than this one.

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