This Chinese-built compact luxury SUV lacks the virtues buyers have come to expect in a Buick. Its soft suspension results in bobbing and rocking at the first sign of rolling pavement, and the Envision feels uncoordinated through corners in spite of its small size. Body roll, vague steering, and a mushy brake pedal muck up the driving experience, though the car acquitted itself quite well in our avoidance maneuver test. Engine and road noise are nicely hushed, but the elevated wind noise at highway speeds is tiring.

Power is no problem with the turbo engine, hitting 60 mph in a competitive 7.9 seconds, but the six-speed automatic occasionally gives bumpy shifts. Fuel economy of 21 mpg is not a standout.

The inviting-looking cabin is full of hits and misses: Big doors and chair-height seats make access easy, but the standard four-way lumbar doesn’t make up for uneven cushion support in the front. Low dash vents freeze your elbows yet leave the cabin stuffy. The rear seat moves fore/aft and reclines, but the optional panoramic sunroof limits headroom. And though the infotainment touch screen is a cinch to use, the flush buttons for climate control and seat heaters are not.

Forward-collision warning isn’t available with the base engine, and automatic emergency braking is optional, but only on the top trim.

All told, what’s good about this Buick isn’t enough to make up for what’s not.

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2016 Buick Envision Review

HIGHS: Simple controls, easy access
LOWS: Lacks agility, unsettled ride, spongy brake pedal, wind noise, low dash vents, price
POWERTRAIN: 252-hp, 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine; 6-speed automatic transmission; all-wheel drive
FUEL: 21 mpg

Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the January 2017 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.