Midsized Three-Row SUV Face-Off: Honda Pilot vs. Kia Telluride

The new king of midsized SUVs takes on an established competitor

Honda pilot and Kia Telluride
Honda Pilot vs. Kia Telluride
Photos: Honda, Kia

In the battle of midsized three-row SUVs, the Honda Pilot and Kia Telluride are worthy competitors.

These two don’t deviate much from the standard SUV formula. They’re very close in size, weight, and cargo capacity. They have roomy cabins, use six-cylinder engines, and a number of active safety systems come standard.

But the Kia has a much newer design than the Pilot, and that results in some key differences. So which one performs better? Which is more enjoyable to drive? Which is easier to live with?


To answer those questions, we take an in-depth look at these SUVs, compare how they fare in CR’s testing, and determine which one is the clear-cut winner.

Both the Honda and Kia will undergo some changes for 2023, with the Pilot being fully redesigned while the Kia gets some minor, mostly cosmetic changes. This face-off applies to both 2022 models and the upcoming 2023 Telluride. We will test the new Pilot when it goes on sale.

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