Face-Off: Honda Pilot vs. Toyota Highlander

    Both SUVs match up closely in many ways, but only one can be the better choice

    Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander
    Honda Pilot vs. Toyota Highlander
    Photos: Honda, Toyota

    The Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander have perennially been among our top-scoring midsized SUVs, often appearing on our Top Picks lists. Historically, both have consistently delivered strong performances, good fuel economy, and trusted reliability.

    These well-rounded, easy-to-live-with models also match up closely in features, performance, and price. In many ways, they’re almost carbon copies of each other.

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    However, in recent years there have been growing differences in both their test results and how they’ve fared in CR’s exclusive Annual Auto Surveys, which track reliability and owner satisfaction through responses we get from our members.

    Part of this comes from their age. The Pilot was introduced for the 2016 model year. While some changes have been made over the years, it has remained mostly the same since its introduction.

    Meanwhile, the Highlander was redesigned for the 2020 model year, with both V6 and four-cylinder Hybrid versions available with front- and all-wheel drive.

    However, both the Honda and Toyota will undergo some big changes for 2023. The Pilot will be fully redesigned while the Toyota will get a new powertrain. This face-off applies to both 2022 models, and we will test the new Pilot and updated Highlander when they go on sale.

    This means there are plenty of questions about how the two SUVs match up. Which is roomier? Is one more reliable than the other? Which one’s quicker? To answer those questions, we take an in-depth look at these two SUVs to compare how they fare in CR’s testing and surveys. And then we let you know which one is tops.

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