Face-Off: Honda Pilot vs. Toyota Highlander

Both SUVs match up closely in many ways, but only one can be the better choice

Various angles of the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander.

The Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander have perennially been among our top-scoring midsized SUVs, often appearing on our Top Picks lists. Historically, both have consistently delivered strong performances, good fuel economy, and trusted reliability.

These well-rounded, easy-to-live-with models also match up closely in features, performance, and price. In many ways, they’re virtually carbon copies of each other.

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However, in recent years there are growing differences in both their test results and how they’ve fared in CR’s exclusive Annual Survey, which tracks reliability and owner satisfaction through responses we get from our members.

Which is roomier? Is one more reliable than the other? Which one’s quicker? To answer those questions, we take an in-depth look at these two SUVs to compare how they fare in CR’s testing and surveys. And then we let you know which one is tops.

The Case for the Honda Pilot