In the grand tradition of concept car eye candy, Subaru unveiled its three-row Viziv 7 SUV this week at the LA Auto Show. Presented as a demonstration of the brand’s thinking about a larger-than-Forester model, its gargantuan design underscores that this is more conceptual than a pre-production teaser.

Subaru has stated that this precedes a “full-sized” three-row vehicle. We’re doubtful it will be as large as this concept. Measuring 205 inches long, the Viziv 7 is 10 inches longer than a Honda Pilot, matching a Chevrolet Tahoe bumper to bumper. In the photos, it doesn’t appear gigantic due to the 21-inch wheel fitment.

Subaru Viziv 7 SUV Concept rear

Subaru's actual production three-row SUV will be based off a stretched version of the chassis that underpins the new 2017 Subaru Impreza, a platform designed to be versatile enough to spread across all of the brand's next-generation models. Unless Subaru pulls a powertrain rabbit out of its manufacturing hat, it would be expected that the SUV would feature a version of the flat-six engine now available in the Legacy and Outback, where it produces 256 hp. All-wheel drive is a given.

The styling takes some of the trends seen in the new Impreza, including pronounced wheel arches and more sculpted sides, and super-sizes them. It is possible that the styling hints at the new Forester, as well.

Subaru says look for a “three-row midsize SUV to be introduced to the North American market in early 2018.” In other words, expect a smaller vehicle than this outsized concept.  

Subaru Viziv 7 SUV Concept front