Quietest Midsized SUVs From Consumer Reports' Tests

These vehicles prove that family-friendly models don't have to be raucous playscapes

2020 Kia Telluride Kia

It can get quite loud inside an SUV. Its boxy shape can create plenty of wind noise, and the raised height lets road noise bounce off the underside. Some SUVs also use small four-cylinder engines, which have to work hard. And that's before adding in a few kids during a carpool or on a road trip.

Not every midsized SUV suffers from too much noise, but it's a challenge for buyers to determine during a test-drive just how loud the test model can be.

That's where Consumer Reports' car experts come in. We evaluate interior noise as part of more than 50 objective and subjective tests. We listen to the wind, road, engine, and tire noises that often penetrate the interior.

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Below, we've identified the six quietest midsized SUVs in order of their results in our interior noise tests. Plus, all of them are recommended, meaning they scored well in our road tests, have good reliability and key advanced safety equipment, and performed well in crash tests.

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Toyota Highlander 2021

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