Star Wars is behind some of the hottest holiday gifts. Here’s one that actually heats up. The Star Wars Darth Vader toaster, $50, in the shape of the dark lord’s iconic helmet, pops out toast with the Star Wars insignia—that internationally recognizable ITC Serif Gothic font logo from the original 1977 movie poster—on one side. Would the force be with it in Consumer Reports’ exacting toaster tests? Consumer Reports included the 2-slice toaster in our latest toaster reviews to find out.

Evenness is a key component of our tests, but it would have been unfair to judge the Darth Vader toaster too harshly on that note, since it’s obviously not meant to produce evenly browned toast. So we only evaluated the side that was fully toasted, as well as the actual Star Wars impression, and found the toaster to be extremely even. It’s also very good at producing toast ranging from light to dark.

Where the toaster lost points (enough to make it the second worst model in our toaster Ratings) was in its limited functionality and difficult cleaning. For starters, the toaster’s slots are too narrow to accommodate a bagel. An English muffin did just fit, but the toaster couldn’t get hot enough to properly toast the muffin’s moist dough. In other words, this is strictly a bread-only toaster. It’s also missing many convenience features common on today’s toasters, such as defrost and reheat settings, and there are no incremental markings on the dial, so it's hard to pinpoint desired levels of brownness. As for cleanability, the Darth Vader toaster’s helmet shape results in many cracks and crevices that are sure to collect grime over time.

Serious Star Wars fans will probably be able to overlook these deficiencies and see only pure Jedi-grade genius in the Star Wars Darth Vader 2-Slice toaster (a quick aside: you can also get toast with an impression of your favorite presidential candidate through the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation). If you want a toaster that makes batch after batch of evenly browned toast, check out the winners from Consumer Reports’ toaster Ratings. Our top 2-slice toaster is the Krups 2-slice KH732D50, $70.

Awaken to a Darth Vader Appliance