Most Reliable 3-Year-Old Cars and SUVs That You Can Buy Right Now

Consumer Reports data show that these models are in the used-car sweet spot

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It’s a wise financial move to buy a 3-year-old car instead of a brand-new one. That’s because they have many of the same safety and comfort features found in a brand-new car, but they cost less. 

Three-year-old models are more affordable because new models lose their value quickly. So buyers get a vehicle that’s almost equivalent to a new car but at a much lower price. By the time a car is 3 years old, it has already depreciated by as much as 30 percent. But after that, its value won’t depreciate nearly as fast. 

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Three-year-old models are also attractive purchases because most leases are for three years. That means many of these cars have low miles, and because the lessor had to keep the car in good condition, they’re likely to have been maintained properly and have interiors that were treated well.

Below you’ll find our list of the most reliable 3-year-old cars and SUVs we’ve identified based on our Annual Auto Surveys of Consumer Reports members.

The vehicles are listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer within their vehicle category. We also identify when advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), including forward collision warning (FCS), automatic emergency braking (AEB), blind spot warning (BSW), lane keeping assistance (LKA), lane departure warning (LDW), and rear cross traffic warning (RCTW) are optional or standard.

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