A new Technical Service Bulletin for the 2016 Chevrolet Volt should serve as a reminder to all car buyers: Check to ensure your new vehicle includes all the expected equipment. In this case, some Volts were sold without a tire inflator kit—a true concern for a vehicle without a spare tire.

The fix is quite simple. Volt owners can look in their trunk, under the load compartment floor, to see if the inflator kit is there and all the contents (sealant, compressor, etc.) are present. If missing, the local dealership can supply one. Just cite the customer satisfaction TSB #26900.

Fortunately, the Volt we recently purchased for testing was properly equipped.

Tire inflator kits are becoming commonplace, and they can even have appeal to drivers looking to outfit an emergency kit to handle roadside surprises. Keep in mind a sealant repair is just a temporary fix, and the tire should be serviced as soon as possible for a proper permanent repair or replacement.

In 2013, we reviewed several aftermarket inflator kits, finding that they can be helpful in addressing repairable flats, such as a simple tread puncture. Of course, a sidewall tear would be beyond repair, even at a shop, making the true spare tire the most versatile solution to tire problems.

Tire inflator kit in 2016 Chevrolet Volts
The inflator kit is found to the left, under the cargo floor.