With much of the nation in winter’s icy grip, many of us are facing freezing temperatures and slippery driving conditions. What's worse is that some of us are feeling the nip of Jack Frost’s bite in areas that he has no business visiting, including Florida.

Severe cold brings many issues along with it, such as slick roads, people in need of shelters, water main breaks, and school closures. And the cold also means that you may need to think a bit differently about how you use your car.

This week’s episode of “Talking Cars with Consumer Reports” focuses on tips and topics specific to your car, comfort, and safety when temperatures drop especially low.

We also talk about how news of how zero commercial airline fatalities in 2017 may relate to choices you make in how you travel, as well as answer viewer questions about all-weather tires and cruise control.

Watch or listen in to our podcast to hear how to best brave the cold with your car.

Talking Cars
Panelists: Jake Fisher, Jen Stockburger, and Mike Quincy

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