Toyo introduced the Celsius and Celsius CUV tires this past fall, describing them as variable conditions tires—with performance like an all-season tire on cleared roads and winter tire-like grip on snow and ice. Based on our experience, the Celsius sounds like and behaves much like the Nokian WR G3 all-weather tire.

Consumer Reports likes the concept of an all-weather tire. They make a lot of sense for drivers who live in the snow-belt and want more traction than the typical all-season tire, but don’t want the inconvenience of buying a second set of tires for winter use.

In our tests, the new Toyo Celsius and Nokian WR G3 deliver solid winter traction, with good stopping grip on dry roads and confident handling. In contrast, many snow tires may edge-out these all-weather tires on snow and ice, but they trade-down with fair to poor stopping ability on cleared pavement and lackluster handling. The Celsius and WR G3 offer good winter grip but neither is quite as good as dedicated snow tire models from those brands. 

Toyo Celsius is a winter tire that can stay on the car year round
Toyo Celsius

The Toyo Celsius and Nokian WR G3 have virtually identical overall scores, placing them in the upper half of Consumer Reports' winter/snow tire ratings chart. These tires perform similarly in most of our tests. The Celsius stops longer than the WR G3 on wet road surfaces, though shorter than many dedicated snow tires.

On the plus side, tread life is predicted to be longer for the Celsius than the WR G3. The Celsius and WR G3 have 60,000 and 55,000 treadwear mileage warranties, respectively. The Toyo Celsius is available in 14-17-inch tire sizes to fit many family cars, and a CUV version comes in 17-20-inch tires sizes for trucks.

All-weather tires appear to be an emerging category, with Toyo and Nokian potentially starting a new trend. Vredestein also offers a high performance all-weather tire called Quatrac 5, which we hope to test this coming year.

When shopping for the next tires for your vehicle, be sure to consult our ratings to find the ones that excel in the areas that matter most to you, such as snow traction, wet-braking, and/or treadwear.