Marketers want their products and services to be noticed and applauded, but sometimes the attempt backfires. When it does, our eagle-eyed readers let us know, submitting examples of rip-offs, poorly worded ads, half-empty packaging, outlandish claims, and goofs that have made them laugh out loud.

Driven Crazy

These ads and signs are all over the (road) map. 


Snow Job
One picture can contradict a thousand words.
Submitted by Scott Meador, Mulberry, IN


Are We There Yet?
Just think what a mile like this one would do for fuel economy!
Submitted by David Moss, Florence, SC


Price Check
We're guessing that "Dollar and Two Quarters Car Wash" just didn't have the same ring to it.
Submitted by Lawrence Hudak, Johnstown, PA


The Devil's in the Details
Begs the question: What can we use the coupon for, then?
Submitted by Sandy Beck, Ottawa, KS


Roof Goof
Might be worth checking to see whether it has wheels and doors, too.
Submitted by Keith Nash, Decatur, GA 


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Editor’s Note: This article also appeared in the April 2018 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.