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Finding a great deal is always a thrill, but it can be difficult to know whether, say, that $70 air fryer is a steal or a clunker that doesn’t deserve space in your home.

To help budget-conscious shoppers—who shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for a low price—we went through low-cost options that scored well in CR’s tests for the most promising deals on items including air fryers, soda makers, streaming devices, and more. Below, you’ll find items on sale for $50 to $100 (if you’re looking to spend less, we’re also tracking all the best deals under $50).

These are just a few of the best deals we’re seeing right now, but we’re always checking everything regardless of price to bring you the latest. And with July Fourth and Amazon Prime Day coming up, we’re expecting more options for shoppers. So check out more great discounts on electronics and home and kitchen products.

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Bluetooth and Smart Speakers

The JBL Flip 4 is a bargain at this price—but it’s only available for the camouflage model. The classic cylindrical design takes up relatively little space in a beach bag or on a picnic table. And the Flip 4 comes in six fun colors, all the better to coordinate with your favorite sunglasses. The company claims a battery life of up to 12 hours, and the Flip 4’s claimed IPX7 water resistance rating means that it can survive being fully submerged, which makes it perfect for the beach or any outdoor setting where a shower—or a dunking—is a distinct possibility.

Compared with the best-sounding speakers we’ve tested, the Flip 4 has a few shortcomings, with bass that’s a bit boomy and trebles that are somewhat subdued. But when played outdoors and in other casual environments where a speaker like this works best, the Flip 4’s largely forgiving sonic signature encourages you to play tunes one right after the other.

CR’s test results: JBL Flip 4

Sony’s SRS-XB23 is proof that less can be more. While older Sony speakers came with superfluous features like lights and sound effects, the more straightforward XB23 still performs its primary function admirably—and at a great price. It’s a medium-sized speaker that checks a lot of boxes. It’s relatively inexpensive, and Sony claims that it’s water-resistant.

And it sounds good. According to our testers, the low bass of the SRS-XB23 is a bit lacking and the midrange lacks some of the clarity of the very best portables. But on balance, the speaker delivers satisfying sound.

CR’s test results: Sony SRS-XB23

Coffee Makers

If you want a basic glass-carafe drip coffee maker, the no-frills Cuisinart drip coffee maker may fit the bill. This large-volume brewer is one of the highest-ranking models in CR’s tests. It earns a top rating for brew performance, reflecting optimal brew temperature and coffee intensity. It can be programmed so that you’ll have fresh coffee waiting when you wake up, and lets you adjust the brewing time to make weaker or stronger coffee. While you can find this model in other colors for around $100, it’s $30 cheaper than that at Amazon in Black Stainless Steel right now.

CR’s test results: Cuisinart PerfecTemp 14 Cup Programmable DCC-3200


This colorful 16-piece Tasty set has been on sale for closer to $80 for a few weeks, but the price just dropped even further for the red set. It has six pans and four lids. The remainder of the pieces are accessories, including utensils, a cookbook, and three small prep bowls. In our tests, cooking evenness was top-notch, earning the set an Excellent rating, and speed of heating and simmering were solid, too. The handles stay cool to the touch and are sturdier than many models in this price range. But when we fried eggs, it took a little coaxing to get them out of the pan without sticking.

CR’s test results: Tasty 16-piece nonstick cookware set

The 10-piece Gotham Steel set performs well, earning above-average ratings in all the main cooking tests: even cooking, sauce simmering, and bringing water to a near-boil quickly in the 5-quart Dutch oven. One exception is the food-release test, in which testers cook four eggs in quick succession. The eggs easily slide out of the best pans but had to be nudged out of the frying pan in this set. Handles stay cool to the touch but aren’t the sturdiest, which is in keeping with other sets in this price range. Walmart’s price matches the best price we’ve seen in months.

CR’s test results: Gotham Steel 10-piece nonstick cookware set

With its copper-hued coating, the 10-piece Red Copper Ceramic Infused set is colorful inside and out. It aced our tests for quickly bringing water to a near-boil and for slowly simmering tomato sauce. It earns a high mark for heating evenness in our pancake test, but eggs had to be nudged out of the pan in the food-release test. So if fried eggs are part of your breakfast rotation, consider other sets. That said, the nonstick coating held up well in our durability tests. The set includes a steamer insert.

CR’s test results: Red Copper Ceramic Infused cookware set


The Inspire 2 gets top marks from our testers for step-count and heart rate accuracy. But what earns it a spot among the best fitness trackers is the top scores for ease of use, pairing, and readability in low light. The Inspire 2 also boasts a very generous claimed battery life of 10 days (we don’t test that) and built-in GPS, a feature not found on many other trackers. Note that discounts vary at each retailer depending on the color you choose.

CR’s test results: Fitbit Inspire 2

The lightweight and stylish Fitbit Luxe looks more like jewelry than a straight-up fitness tracker, and it performs well on basic functions. The device earns high ratings for both ease of use and step counting, and it includes the stress-tracking features found on the more expensive Sense smartwatch. It isn’t quite as good as other models when it comes to heart-rate tracking, though. And the tiny screen can be tough to read, especially for people who have trouble seeing up close.

CR’s test results: Fitbit Luxe

Gaiam Performance Yoga Mat

Consumer Reports tested 19 different yogas mats to find out how each one holds up to regular use. Gaiam’s mat aces the drying and grip tests CR put it through but offers somewhat less cushioning. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; a firmer mat can provide more stability for standing poses and can be easier on the wrists. The sale price is currently only available for the black mat.

Learn more about the Gaiam Performance Yoga Mat.

We liked that this dumbbell has an easy one-handed adjustment by twisting the handles. It also has a good hand grip, and the weights are automatically balanced. But, it can be harder to replace the weight into its cradle on some settings and can be uncomfortable when resting the dumbbell on your thighs during bench exercises. This is the price for a single dumbbell, so if you want two, you’ll have to order two, but considering most of the other dumbbells we tested cost around $400, you’re still saving quite a bit.

CR’s test results: Flybird Adjustable Dumbbell

Renpho R3 Massage Gun

The Renpho R3 Massage Gun might be the best all-around device for most average users because it’s small and lightweight, and relatively quiet compared with other devices. Plus, with these sales (and Amazon’s on-page coupon) it’s one of the most affordable options CR has tested. However, due to its smaller size, it may not be the ideal choice for people who want the most intense massage or the best way to massage areas on the back. 

The pistol grip could add some postural stress, compared with some of the other devices, though its light weight and small form factor could help alleviate stress for some. As an added bonus, this can be charged with a standard USB-C charging cable.

Learn more about the Renpho R3 Massage Gun.

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Shopping for noise-canceling headphones on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance. A case in point is the Anker SoundCore Life Q20. You can pick it up for just over $50 right now with the on-page 10 percent coupon, and our tests show that it beats models that cost hundreds more.

The model has great sound quality and outstanding noise cancellation. It doesn’t sound quite as good as top-rated options like the Sennheiser PXC 550-II, and you won’t get sought-after features like adjustable levels of noise cancellation. But at this price, those may be sacrifices worth making.

Anker does include some appealing perks, too, such as the ability to work over either Bluetooth or an audio cable, and a free app that adds features including a bass boost EQ setting. According to Anker, the headphones have a generous 40-hour battery life when Bluetooth and noise cancellation are both turned on.

CR’s test results: Anker SoundCore Life Q20

For the best sound quality you can get from a portable model under $100, look no further than the 1More E1001 Triple Drivers. You won’t find many competitors that deliver such impressive audio anywhere near this price. These headphones have a sleek design and come with extras, including a removable shirt clip, a carrying case, and nine sets of earpieces of varying shapes and sizes to help you find a good fit. While this price is still a savings, this set was $15 cheaper a couple weeks ago, so it could be worth waiting for the price to drop again.

CR’s test results: 1More E1001 Triple Driver

Kitchen Tools

This coffee grinder earns solid scores in all our grind performance tests, including top marks for coarse grind performance (great for cold brew and French-press coffee). This model is easy to clean but not as convenient to use as other top-performing models due to unclear markings on its controls. The Bodum is also one of the two noisiest grinders in our tests. But because you’re using your coffee grinder only for a minute or two at a time, it’s more of an annoyance than a real issue. This model features 12 grind settings, an auto-stop feature, and a timer.

CR’s test results: Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

With variable speeds, dial controls, and a reversible shredding and slicing disc, this NutriChef food processor is not one to miss. It is one of the best options under $100, especially at this discount. Although the model doesn’t fare as well when it comes to grating, it still manages to score highly in overall performance in Consumer Reports’ tests. Included in the set, you’ll find a dough blade plus whipping and juicing attachments. 

CR’s test results: NutriChef NCFP8 food processor

This 7-quart air fryer from Power XL has been on sale for a while now, bouncing between $70 and $80, so if you’ve been thinking about buying it, get it while it’s at the low end of the sale price scale. It has a measured capacity of 5.7 quarts, on the larger end of the models we’ve tested. The electronic controls and programmed settings are among the easiest to read and use, and it’s relatively quiet. But the 60-day warranty is unusually short.

CR’s test results: PowerXL Vortex PAF-7QB

Home Deals

The ultrasonic Babymoov Hygro (+), designed for rooms of around 215 square feet, is top-rated for a reason. It excels in almost every one of CR’s tests. The Hygro (+) is the only small humidifier to earn an above-average score for the accuracy of its humidistat, a device that displays relative room humidity. Features include a night-light that revolves through a rainbow of colors, automatic shutoff when the tank is empty, a timer, and the option to diffuse aromas. But its cord length, 58 inches, is on the short side. Clip the on-page coupon to get the full savings.

CR’s test results: Babymoov Hygro (+)

This Hoover is lightweight, inexpensive, and a good choice for those who have small carpets or area rugs. When empty it weighs only 12 pounds, and it’s 17 pounds when full with a gallon of water, making it easy to move around the house as you clean. This model doesn’t come with a hose, so you might not be able to clean tight areas such as stairs as easily, and it lacks an extra carrying handle. Overall, this Hoover earns above-average ratings across the board in critical performance tests, with one exception: noise. But all the machines in this category are quite loud.

CR’s test results: Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner

This 20-volt Skil does fast work of drilling holes and driving fasteners. It’s also light and comfortable to hold, and weighs a little over 3 pounds. It comes with only one Li-ion battery but charges up very quickly, and it has an LED work light and a belt hook. This model comes with a generous five-year warranty. It’s been on sale for a few weeks, but just fell an additional $10, making this the best price we’ve seen all year.

CR’s test results: Skil DL529303 cordless drill

More Tech Deals

Walmart’s Onn Tablet Pro 8 is a great, low-cost option, particularly for those with kids, according to CR’s tests.

It ships with the Android 10 operating system and has access to the Google Play app store. That means you can download Google’s full suite of productivity apps (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Classroom, etc.), not to mention a wide range of popular games. By contrast, Amazon’s inexpensive Fire tablets use a more limited app store.

The 8-inch Onn comes with 32 gigabytes of built-in storage, plus a microSD card slot, which helps you add even more storage at low cost.

CR’s test results: Onn Tablet Pro 8

Hohem iSteady V2 Smartphone Gimbal

The iSteady V2 is the most compact gimbal we tested and weighs the least. It was also among the best at capturing smooth and steady video from a walk. And unlike the other gimbals we tried, this one has some hardware smarts—namely, an onboard vision sensor—that allows this gimbal from Hohem to track faces or objects even without using the gimbal’s proprietary app to shoot. That means you can employ gesture control to start or stop filming or change the gimbal’s shooting orientation from landscape to portrait mode, all while using your phone’s dedicated camera app.

Learn more about the iSteady V2.

The Netgear Orbi AC1200 has been on sale for a while, and the price has fallen steadily from around $150 in the past few weeks. This three-unit mesh router system performs well in our tests overall. But it doesn’t rate quite as high for speed at midrange and far distances, and it isn’t compatible with the WiFi 6 standard, which might not be ideal for early adopters who want the fastest connections to the latest smartphone and other gadgets. (Don’t worry about compatibility, though; all new devices work with the earlier WiFi standard.) Given the relatively low price, however, there’s a lot to like here, including an easy app-based setup, a built-in Ethernet port, and automatic firmware updates, which protect you from hackers, malware, and other security vulnerabilities.

CR’s test results: Netgear Orbi AC1200 wireless mesh router (three-pack)

Roku’s top 4K streaming media player boasts a few great features, including built-in Bluetooth for streaming music from mobile devices, and support for both Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos 3D sound. It also has an improved WiFi range, so the player can be placed farther away from your router than previous models. The remote even offers voice search and programmable buttons.

CR’s test results: Roku Ultra