Thanks to a tip from the website, we got to see the whole 47-page Black Friday ad scan from BJ’s Wholesale Club, which is loaded with TVs from LG, Samsung, and Vizio.

But how good are the BJ’s Black Friday TV deals?

We’ve listed all TVs we could find below, with pricing, some information about the sets, and our assessment of how much you’ll really save. In general, BJ’s Black Friday TV sales are a mixed bag, with prices often not much different from what other retailers are already offering.

According to the ad scan, BJ’s Black Friday sale will run from Friday, Nov. 17, through Monday, Nov. 27, for as long as supplies last. The stores are closed on Thanksgiving but open at 7 a.m. on Black Friday, Nov. 24. Most of the TV sales last throughout the event.

Remember, when you're shopping, ask for a 30-day price guarantee, which will protect you against sudden price drops after you’ve made your purchase.

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Doorbuster TV Deals

In addition to the bigger sale (details below), BJ’s will have a handful of “doorbuster” deals, which kick off at 7 a.m. Nov. 24, Black Friday itself.

The lowest priced TV is the 28-inch LG 28LJ400B 720p set selling for $100. That’s about $20 lower than the best price we currently see, which is $120 at Best Buy.

There’s also a 49-inch LG set, the LG 49LJ5100—a 1080p model we’ve tested—for $300, and a 50-inch 1080p Magnavox TV, the Magnavox 50MTV335WF7, for $280. It looks like you can save $40 to $50 off the LG TV.

As for the Magnavox, we couldn’t find this model anywhere else to compare prices. 

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Samsung TV Sets

During the BJ’s Black Friday 2017 sale, the chain will be offering several models in the high-end Samsung QLED 4K TV lineup, something we haven’t seen so far from other retailers.

However, while Samsung’s QLED sets have done very well in our TV ratings, most of the so-called deals at BJ’s aren’t much, or any, better than what we’re seeing at other retailers right now, before Black Friday.

Here are the advertised QLED models:

• A 75-inch QLED 4K UHD smart TV, $3,500. It’s listed as the Samsung QLED UNQN7Q7FD, but that’s not a standard Samsung model name. We think it’s actually the Samsung QN75Q7F, which is sale priced at $3,500. This is an online special, with a claimed savings of $1,800. But, if we’re right about the model, you can already buy this set for $3,500 at several retailers, including Crutchfield, which is not exactly a discount outlet.

• A 65-inch QLED 4K UHD smart TV, $2,500. It’s listed as the Samsung UNQN65Q7FD, priced at $2,500. We think this is the Samsung QN65Q7F, which is selling elsewhere right now for about $2,500—though BJ’s claims the savings is $800.

• A 65-inch curved QLED 4K UHD smart TV, $1,490. The ad looks like it has an error because the model number—UNQN55Q7CD— indicates that it’s a 55-inch set. We think it’s the Samsung QN55Q7CD, which is selling for about $1,800 right now at BJ’s and other retailers. So the sale price provides decent savings on a top-performing set. (Correction: BJ's told us that the ad scan had the wrong pop-up model, this TV is actually the Samsung UN65MU850D covered below, not a QLED model.)

• A 55-inch Samsung QLED 4K UHD smart TV, $1,600. It’s listed as the UNQN55Q7FD, another novel model name, but we think it’s the Samsung QN55Q7F, which has a listed price of about $2000 but is selling for $1,600 almost everywhere.

Mainstream Models
There are also a number of other, more mainstream Samsung 4K UHD smart TVs, ranging in size from 40 to 75 inches, with prices from $330 to $2,580. We’ve tested quite a few of these sets, which are in our current TV ratings. They are, in descending size order:

• The 82-inch Samsung UN82MU800D, $3,280. This is a claimed savings of $1,700, but you can get this warehouse club model at this price right now at BJ’s.

• The 75-inch Samsung UN75MU6300, $1,900. This is another case where the so-called sale price appears to just be the average selling price—and Best Buy even has it for $100 less.

• The 65-inch Samsung UN65MU800D, $1,280. Another warehouse club model, it’s about $200 more at most retailers that carry it.

• The 65-inch Samsung UN65MU850D, $1,480. Basically the curved screen version of the set above. It, too, is about $200 more expensive right now, but it's selling for $1,480 at Costco. We tested this set and it's a great TV: excellent HD picture quality, UHD performance, and sound.

•The 65-inch Samsung UN65MU6500, $1,000. This curved 4K set is actually cheaper at other retailers right now.

• The 65-inch Samsung UN65MU6290, $850, that comes with a $20 BJ’s gift card. This an entry-level 4K model that is selling for just under $1,000 right now at BJ’s but only $900 at P.C. Richard & Son. 

• The 58-inch Samsung UN58MU6100, $650, which comes with $20 BJ’s gift card. It’s an entry-level 4K model that’s $700 at Best Buy but $900 at other retailers.

• The 55-inch Samsung UN55MU800D, $880. Another warehouse club model, it’s selling for $1,178 at Sam’s Club and $1,179 at Costco, so you could save almost $300, a nice chunk of change.

• The 55-inch Samsung UN55MU6490, a curved set on sale for $600. It’s selling for about $800 right now.

• The 55-inch Samsung UN55MU8500, $980. This curved-screen set is $1,100 at several retailers.

• The 55-inch Samsung UN55MU6290, $500, which comes with a $20 BJ’s gift card. It’s $600 at Sam’s Club and $700 at other retailers.

• The 49-inch Samsung UN49MU6290, $430. This entry-level set actually appears to be a good deal, as it’s down from the $600 price we’re seeing elsewhere.

• The 40-inch Samsung UN40MU6290, $330. It’s about $450 at other stores right now.

LG and Vizio TVs

While Samsung clearly dominates the BJ’s Black Friday ad, there are also a number of 4K UHD smart TVs from LG and Vizio. And one of the LG sets is an OLED TV, with that technology’s deep black levels and unlimited viewing angles.

• The 75-inch LG 75UJ657A, $1,600. This big set, a warehouse club model, is at Costco right now for $1,750.

• The 65-inch LG 65UJ6300, $800. This set, a tested model, is at Best Buy for the same amount, but costs $100 more at some other retailers.

• The 60-inch LG 60UJ6050, $650. This set is $750 at Target right now but almost $900 at BJ’s.

• The 55-inch LG OLED55B7P, $1,750. This 4K OLED TV, one of the highest-rated models we’ve tested in 2017, is a bit cheaper ($1,600) on Amazon than at this sale price.

• The 55-inch LG 55UJ6300, $500. This entry-level 4K set is selling for $500 to $550 elsewhere right now.

It looks like BJ’s is offering either the 49-inch LG 49UJ6300 or the LG 49UJ6500 for $370. (The latter set did a bit better in our ratings.) The 6300 is generally selling for about $450 right now, and the 6500 is $40 to $50 more.

• The 43-inch LG 43UJ6300, $300. This smaller sibling to the above set is $370 at B&H and $400 at Best Buy and other stores.

There are only two Vizio TVs in the ad, both 4K UHD smart TVs that use Vizio’s Chromecast-based SmartCast smart TV platform:

• The 75-inch Vizio E75-E1, $1,500. Right now it’s selling for $1,800 to $1,900, depending on the retailer.

• The 70-inch Vizio E70-E3, $980. This TV is selling for $1,300 at Best Buy, so you’ll save more than $200 with the BJ’s deal. Sam’s Club said it would have this TV for just under $600 during its Black Friday sale—the model number was missing a digit, but we think it’s the same set.

Remember to compare models and prices to see whether you’re really getting a good deal.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article has been updated with new pricing information on Samsung QLED TVs.