If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Vitamix, a maker of high-priced blenders, ought to be blushing.

When our testers unpacked the Kalorik 1500 Series Pro blender, $130, they noticed that it bore a striking resemblance to the Vitamix 5200, $400. We certainly understand the money-saving appeal of the Kalorik, but we think that performance and reliability should also factor into buying decisions. Could this relatively inexpensive blender measure up to a similar-looking model that costs hundreds more? To find out, we put them through our series of blender tests.

CR's findings: Both blenders, which have similar dimensions and an 8-cup capacity, scored in the same neighborhood on several key tests. Although they are both rated Excellent for making icy drinks and puréeing soup, CR’s experts reported that the Vitamix performed those tasks better. The Vitamix is also much better at crushing ice—and quieter while doing so.

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After our performance tests, we ran a durability test to see how well the blenders might fare over time. That’s where the disparity became clear. In the durability test, our engineers crush ice 45 times over a two-day period. Kalorik essentially cracked under the pressure: It simply stopped working.

“Most blenders do well in our durability test; only six of the 86 we tested failed,” says Cindy Fisher, who oversees CR’s blender test program. “The first Kalorik we tested failed at the 32nd cycle; the second one we tested passed.” (The results are combined to create a durability score.) The Vitamix 5200 aced our durability test, which isn’t surprising: Vitamix turned out to be a more reliable full-sized blender brand than most in our survey of more than 29,000 readers. (Kalorik, a lesser-known brand in the U.S., wasn’t included in that survey.)

The verdict: In this case, the higher price buys you not just better overall performance but probable longevity, too, which may be why the Vitamix motor is covered under warranty for seven years. The Kalorik’s motor has a two-year warranty.

Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the November 2017 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.