Consumer Reports Build & Buy Car Buying Service adds to our suite of auto ratings, reviews, and buying advice. Once you've used our road test and survey information to decide which is the best car for your needs, use our Build & Buy Service to see what others paid for that car and get competitive prices from local dealers who are held accountable for high customer satisfaction.

To access the service, visit our Build & Buy Car Buying Service home page.

Advantages of the Build & Buy Service

See what others paid for the car you want: You can search for the make and model you're interested in purchasing and see what others have recently paid for that vehicle in your local area. This gives you a benchmark as to what is currently a fair market price for that vehicle.

Real pricing on actual cars: Participating dealers price all their inventory in advance. This means you can see participating dealer pricing on cars actually on the dealer's lot.

Special Consumer Reports subscriber savings: Most dealers have already included an additional discount in the pricing you receive, so the price will be lower than what is shown on

Guaranteed Savings Certificate: The Service allows you to obtain a Guaranteed Savings Certificate from a participating dealer that will guarantee you a certain amount of savings from MSRP on specific vehicles in the dealer's inventory. There will also be a Guaranteed Savings Certificate for the configured vehicle that will provide an amount of savings from MSRP on any vehicle of the same make, model, and trim as the vehicle you configured on the website so you can confidently determine your pricing on the lot for any vehicle of that trim.

Pre-screened dealers. The program has more than 13,000 participating dealers nationwide who have been certified by TrueCar for their commitment to providing high customer satisfaction, have been trained on the program, and have agreed to follow strict guidelines of conduct.

Your information is safeguarded: You can use the service as much as you want to see the TrueCar Average on any vehicle you search without revealing your identity to any dealers. Your identity will be concealed from dealers, and theirs from you, when the TrueCar Average is initially displayed. You may then choose to send your information to up to three local dealers, and in return their identities and the actual pricing on vehicles in their inventory will be shared with you by them.

No obligation: There is never an obligation to buy when using the service. You can always change your mind about the vehicle, price, or dealership, or whether you want to buy a car at all.

While Consumer Reports has long provided unbiased ratings and in-depth car-buying advice, subscribers have been on their own in finding dealerships that they want to work with. The Consumer Reports Build & Buy Service is intended to help make car buying easier, with less stress and anxiety.

The Service also helps Consumer Reports further its mission and ongoing work. TrueCar pays Consumer Reports a flat fee for each vehicle sold to a Service participant by a participating dealer. Consumer Reports has no direct contact or any financial relationship with any dealerships.

For more details on the service, see the Build & Buy FAQs.