Best and Worst New Cars

Highlights from our tests and surveys

Not all cars are created equal, and we have the data to prove it. Of course, numbers can tell a variety of tales and we understand every consumer has different priorities. To that end, we have compiled a series of best and worst car lists to highlight performance in a wide variety of categories. The lists linked below can be an excellent tool for filtering down your purchase considerations or for stocking up on vehicular trivia.

Overall test scores are based on more than 50 individual Consumer Reports tests and evaluations, and are presented on a 100-point scale.

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Best Overall

22' Kia Telluride
Top Pick: Kia Telluride

Photo: Kia Photo: Kia

Best Cars of the Year: 10 Top Picks of 2022
These exceptional models meet our very highest standards for performance, safety, reliability, and more.

Best Cars in Our Tests
Each vehicle is put through a battery of tests at our track to determine its performance, and some models stand out while others do not. Our best and worst cars list highlights the overall top scorers in our ratings and those at the bottom of the list.

Best American Cars, SUVs, and Trucks
These are the highest-scoring models from domestic brands in Consumer Reports’ ratings, in each of more than a dozen categories.

Best & Worst Third-Row Seats
Not all third rows are easy to access, nor fit for adult passengers, as our testing has shown. To help in choosing the right three-row model for your needs, we highlight below those models that shined in our tests.

Fuel Economy

22' Toyota Prius
Fuel efficient: Toyota Prius

Photo: Toyota Photo: Toyota

The Most Fuel-Efficient Cars
These gas sippers are easy on the wallet.

The Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs
You don’t need to sacrifice fuel economy to get a larger vehicle.

Best & Worst Fuel Economy
These mpg figures are based on CR’s extensive fuel-economy tests.


2021 Chevrolet Corvette on the track at ATC
Quickest: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Photo: John Powers/Consumer Reports Photo: John Powers/Consumer Reports

Best & Worst Acceleration
These are the quickest and slowest cars in Consumer Reports’ tests.

Best Safety Performance
A vehicle with good braking and emergency handling can help you avoid an accident.

Owner Satisfaction & Reliability

2022 Lexus GX
Reliable: Lexus GX

Photo: Lexus Photo: Lexus

Who Makes the Most Reliable Cars?
CR ranks the brands and reveals survey results by region.

10 Most Reliable Cars
Purchasing a car is a long-term investment, with the expectation that the car will provide dependable transportation for the long haul. But as our surveys show, not all cars can fulfill that promise.

10 Least Reliable Cars
Our comprehensive annual auto reliability survey shows that some buyers will be taking their brand-new car back to the dealer’s service department sooner and more often than other car buyers will.

The Most Satisfying Cars on the Market
In this exclusive survey, CR members offer important insights for shoppers to find the perfect car.

10 Most Satisfying Cars
These are models our members said they’d buy or lease again.

10 Least Satisfying Cars
These models stand out for how much they disappoint.

Car Maintenance

Michelin CrossClimate2 all-weather tire
Michelin CrossClimate2

Photo: John Powers/Consumer Reports Photo: John Powers/Consumer Reports

Best Car Tires
CR’s testing highlights the tires that shine for all seasons.

Best SUV and Truck Tires
CR’s testing reveals the tires that stand out for performance, safety, and treadwear.

Best Winter/Snow Tires
CR’s testing identifies standout tires with the best cold-weather grip.

Which Brands Make the Best Tires?
Consumer Reports’ test results reveal which companies make the best-performing tires.

The Most Satisfying Tire Brands
CR’s exclusive survey covers 38 brands, from BFGoodrich to Yokohama.

Tire Retailer Ratings
Satisfaction scores based on a large-scale CR survey.

Best Car Batteries
CR tests dozens each year to separate the positives from the negatives.


a tall and a short person both standing next to a Subaru Forester

Photo: John Powers/Consumer Reports Photo: John Powers/Consumer Reports

Best Cars and SUVs for Short People
We size up vehicles to find those that are scaled for smaller drivers.

Best Cars and SUVs for Tall People
These tested models can comfortably accommodate drivers over 6 feet tall.

Cars With the Most Comfortable Front Seats
Consumer Reports’ drivers of all sizes assess seat comfort and support for cars, SUVs, and trucks over thousands of test miles.

Tips for Buying a New Car

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new car. On the "Consumer 101" TV show, Consumer Reports expert Kelly Funkhouser explains to host Jack Rico what to look for before taking a test drive.