Photo of a digital camera that can share photos

One reason people love smartphone cameras is that the photos taken with them are so easy to share. But it’s getting simpler to share photos from a dedicated camera, too. You can wirelessly connect any of the cameras in our advanced point-and-shoot ratings with your phone in just a few steps. That lets you transfer pictures for posting online, texting, or emailing. You can also set up your camera for a family portrait, then use your phone to snap the photo once you squeeze in with the group.

More on Digital Cameras

First, download your camera manufacturer’s mobile app: Those are Canon Camera Connect, Fujifilm Camera Remote, SnapBridge (for Nikon), Panasonic Image App, or PlayMemories Mobile (for Sony).

Next, go to your camera and activate WiFi using the camera’s settings. This enables the camera to set up its own mini-WiFi network, which you connect to with your smartphone, just the way you’d join any WiFi network.

The process varies by brand, but typically the camera screen will give you a choice like “Connect to phone” and the mobile app will give you an option like “Connect to camera.”

Once that’s all done, you can transfer photos to your phone’s camera roll, either one at a time or in a group. That allows you to email, text, or post them to social media just like any other photo.

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Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the June 2018 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.