The Most-Loved Car Models That Keep Owners Satisfied

Our exclusive survey-based ratings point to the cars, SUVs, and trucks that satisfy owners the most

2022 Ford Mach E
Ford Mustang Mach-E
Photo: Ford

The average price for new cars continues to rise. In April, the average transaction price hit a record of $45,232, according to J.D. Power. For that much money, you’d think happiness would be part of the deal, but it’s not.

Consumer Reports members shared the experiences they’ve had with more than 300,000 vehicles in our most recent auto surveys. Primarily, they were asked whether they would buy the same car again. That decision is the basis of CR’s owner satisfaction score.


Our survey results show that with every vehicle type, there’s a significant spread between the models that met expectations and those that were disappointing. Before buying, learn from what others experienced by using the detailed ratings available on our car model pages, where you will also find reliability, road test, and pricing information.

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Most Satisfying

The models that top the owner satisfaction ratings deliver on the manufacturer's promises, whether they're for performance or fuel efficiency. Below we highlight the best in each subcategory, ranging from subcompact cars to luxury SUVs and full-sized pickup trucks.

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