10 Most Satisfying Cars by Region

There are four models that make people happy across the nation

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No matter which region of the country they live in, there's one thing that Americans can agree on: They really want their car to deliver on its promise. That's what our members tell us when responding to the Consumer Reports Annual Owner Satisfaction survey

In general, the vehicles that performed well in CR's tests are often ones that also give owners higher satisfaction. And the new vehicles that inspire the strongest loyalty are fun to drive, are reliable, deliver great fuel economy or can be driven solely on electricity, or dress you in a high-tech, luxurious driving environment. Those that performed poorly in some—or all—of these areas sit at the bottom.

We know this because, primarily, we ask CR members whether they would buy the same car again. Their answer is the basis of CR’s owner satisfaction score. We then look at how owners rate their cars on satisfaction in five categories: driving experience, comfort, value, styling, and audio controls. We have data on more than 420,000 vehicles from CR's owner satisfaction surveys to help you choose.

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Below, we highlight the nine vehicles that appeared in the top 10 of at least two of four regions. They're followed by lists of the 10 most-satisfying new vehicles for each region, in order of their owner satisfaction scores, according to CR members. This can help you find a model that will put a smile on your face now and down the road.

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