Talking Cars 300: Celebrating Big Podcast Milestone and Driving the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe

We also discuss your predictions about topics for episode 600

Main theme: In celebration of our 300th episode of the "Talking Cars" video podcast, we asked for feedback on what you thought we would be talking about in another eight years on episode 600. Some clear themes emerged.

We share our own thoughts on those topics that include:

  • EVs: Will there really be as many on the road as the industry predicts? How does that affect downstream industries like suppliers and auto repair?
  • Infrastructure/equity: Will EV charging infrastructure accommodate those in apartments, condos, and townhouses? And are advances in automotive technology available to all equitably?
  • Self-driving: Audience members share some healthy skepticism regarding the future of self-driving and how can it be implemented most safely.
  • Displays: Will windshields ultimately be replaced by huge screens? And will all cars have dash cams?
  • Industry: Will Polestar become the leading global automaker?

Driven this week: 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe

The popular SUV’s freshening brings additional high-tech features, a new upscale “Calligraphy” trim line, and perhaps most importantly, a hybrid powertrain. We share our early thoughts on Santa Fe with the base four-cylinder purchased for testing and compare it with the hybrid we rented.

We also talk about how recent test results led to quick fixes on the new 2021 Hyundai Elantra and 2021 Toyota Sienna.

Talking Cars 300
'Talking Cars' panelists Mike Quincy, Jen Stockburger, and Jake Fisher.

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Jen Stockburger

I never anticipated that engineering, the auto industry, and a few hundred tire changes and child seat installations would have brought me here: director of day-to-day operations at Consumer Report's fabulous 327-acre Auto Test Center. The bonus is that the track's location in rural Connecticut leaves me close enough to home to also enjoy my children and husband while still squeezing in time for gardening, riding horses, and hunting for antiques.