Illustration: ANUJ SHRESTHA

Cars come in all shapes and sizes. Shoppers comb through mountains of data and road tests to find the one that meets all their requirements and falls within their budget. But when shopping for a new car, it can be helpful to look beyond the specs to see what vehicles are the best fit for your personality. 

This is a different way of looking at car buying, but it is an approach that we think to bolster satisfaction. Are you a cautious driver? Do you favor straightline acceleration?

More on Finding the Right Car

To guide you down this road, we put together a personality quiz to determine what kind of driver you are. By answering a few quick, and hopefully fun, questions, we can point you to several models that seem tailor-made to your driving personality. 

Each spotlighted vehicle will carry a description as to how it is tied to that personality type, and basic ratings. You can click through to see more details on car reliabilityowner satisfaction, and car safety, as well as read a detailed road test. 

Click on, and let's see what kind of driver you are.