The well-equipped Acura RDX feels sporty, but its turbocharged four-cylinder engine is less refined than one might expect for the class. Handling is agile, but the ride is stiff. However, the RDX is loaded with high-tech features such as navigation with live traffic data.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Fun to drive. Quick to respond."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Acura RDX)


Anonymous, NY (2011 Acura RDX)

"The acceleration is awesome with the turbo drive. I love that this RDX has a 4 cylinder engine with the turbo. The handling around corners is so tight."

TONY G., OR (2011 Acura RDX)

"The power is there when I need it and I don't have to put my foot in it to get that"

Anonymous, IL (2011 Acura RDX)

"handles and drives like sports car - a real pleasure to drive."

EDDIE S., FL (2011 Acura RDX)

"Excellent punch, turbo kicks in quick"

Sue S., NV (2011 Acura RDX)

"The acceleration and handling are excellent for a small cross-over and is the trade off for the rougher ride and interior road noise. The 2011 RDX is fun to drive."

Anonymous, WA (2011 Acura RDX)

"The acceleration of the turbo charged 4 cylinder engine is awesome. I wouldn't trade it for any other engine size."

Tony G., OR (2011 Acura RDX)

"It has a turbo charged 4 cylinder but very good acceleration when needed"

D J., AZ (2011 Acura RDX)

"Cornering, braking, acceleration are all excellent. I've seen the suspension described in auto mags as "nervous". It is actually tight and give fine handling."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Acura RDX)

"This Acura handles extremely well and acceleration is superb."

Michele S., FL (2011 Acura RDX)

"Incredible acceleration (turbo 4 cyl.), and very solid breaking. Handles fast turns very well, never gets untracked. Mountain driving is a pleasure and fun."

Karen W., CA (2011 Acura RDX)

"Very quick when needed"

Roy D., AL (2011 Acura RDX)

"I love the power it has and pickup, I can enter the highway on ramp without having to worry if I’ll make it before that 18 wheeler hits me."

Travis R., IL (2011 Acura RDX)


Anonymous, NJ (2011 Acura RDX)

"The acceleration and handling are excellent."

Stephen F., MA (2011 Acura RDX)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very clever design of rear seats and luggage area that gives a flat storage area with the rear seats folded down and stowage of the rear shelf"

Michael C., TX (2011 Acura RDX)

"I love the side support of the seats of this vehicle!"

JOHANNA S., NC (2011 Acura RDX)

"Seats are very comfortable and it is one of my top priority I drive about 35,000 miles a year"

JIM T., FL (2011 Acura RDX)

"The 2011 RDX is a great car though it reflects a lot of road noise. I will pay more attention to this next time I buy a car."

ROY D., AL (2011 Acura RDX)

"very noisy at highway speeds; suspension gives rough ride"

WILLIAM H., FL (2011 Acura RDX)

"seat comfort, performance and handling"

Anonymous, PA (2011 Acura RDX)

"Ride is a little hard and doesn't soak up bumps in road. Seats are a bit small. Having trouble getting comfortable."

PETER K., CA (2011 Acura RDX)

"Good ergonomics and the seats are comfortable, but the ride quality isn't great and it lets a lot of road noise in. I'm assuming that's the trade off since the car is sporty to drive and handles well in all types of weather."

Anonymous, WA (2011 Acura RDX)

"Passenger seat uncomfortable. Would buy 8 direction controlled seat on passenger side next time."

DONALD B., SK (2011 Acura RDX)

"Car rides and handles very well. Quality of materials is great. Noise level is very subdued"

Joseph Z., NJ (2011 Acura RDX)

"Leather seats are cushy and the car is very quiet. sound system is awesome."

Karen W., CA (2011 Acura RDX)

"The Seat comfort is good, but the ride tends to be rough and there is a lot of interior noise. This is typical of Acura/Honda products from that time."

Anonymous, WA (2011 Acura RDX)

"The road noise is moderately high. The seats are extremely comfortable and the ride is very smooth."

Tony G., OR (2011 Acura RDX)

"The seats are very comfortable for long trips. We use the RDX to visit family that’s 6 or more hours away because of the room and comfort. Also we don’t have to make as many stops to stretch because it’s so comfortable."

Travis R., IL (2011 Acura RDX)

"My wife says that the passengers seat is not comfortable. In fact, she complains of a sore back and sore legs."

Donald B., SK (2011 Acura RDX)

"Seats are not comfortable and ride is firm not supple and the the window rattles if open a few inches"

Peter K., CA (2011 Acura RDX)

"There is a lot of road noise and the ride can feel jagged at times. The seat comfort is fine."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Acura RDX)

"I bought this car used for my son and it was difficult not to take it for myself. It is comfortable, not a lot od road noise, and rides like a dream."

Michele S., FL (2011 Acura RDX)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The RDX has a lot of features, drives very well and is reliable. You get a lot of car for the price you pay."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Acura RDX)

"a quality car at a lower price than the other cars in its class"

Anonymous, NY (2011 Acura RDX)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"This is great car. Drives like a sports car. Our only issue is that we should have bought a slightly bigger vehicle."

EDDIE S., FL (2011 Acura RDX)

"I read an article that said it had an angry chicken beak. It does"

Anonymous, MA (2011 Acura RDX)

"Front of the car is ugly rear shelf that stores in the bottom of the cargo space is wonderful clever way that the rear seats lift out to vertical so the backs fold down flat for extended cargo storage is very easy and effective"

MICHAEL C., TX (2011 Acura RDX)
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