Poised to compete with segment heavy hitters, the Acura TLX doesn't have what it takes to play in the big leagues. While it is a good overall performer, the TLX lacks the engaging performance and panache found in other upscale sedans. Measured against its European and Japanese rivals, the TLX's handling falls short and its ride isn't as comfortable.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"excellent pickup and handling"

Edward A., IL (2018 Acura TLX)

"Acceleration and handling are exceptional with one issue. There is a hesitation in the 9 speed transmission if you slow to stop but then resume too quickly. Same issue with my 2013 Avalon but it was considerably more exaggerated."

Ken F., IN (2018 Acura TLX)

"The A-Spec package includes more performance oriented tires, which improves handling and driving experience."

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Acura TLX)

"The 4 (my first) is not adequate in some situations. I am very disappointed with the mileage. I do not like the adaptive cruise control. I do better on my own. Automatic emergency braking can be dangerous. It does not take in all of the information that I am dealing with."

Anonymous, CA (2018 Acura TLX)

"Great acceleration handling."

Ann-Jack P., SC (2018 Acura TLX)

"Fantastic response om acceleration for a 4-cylinder, and great gas mileage."

Edward S., NY (2018 Acura TLX)

"Great excelleration and handling. We have had a problem with the engine sputtering in in traffic. The sensor senses a car and decelerates."

Mark G., NV (2018 Acura TLX)

"Six cylinder trans still a bit clunky but not too bad. Handles well and is sporty enough to be enjoyable. Lack of spare tire is outrageous and turns a flat into a major malfunction. Almost a dealbreaker."

Thomas B., AL (2018 Acura TLX)

"The car seems to wobble as you edge toward the left."

Anonymous, UT (2018 Acura TLX)

"Extremely responsive acceleration and excellent all AWD road handling"

Anonymous, ON (2018 Acura TLX)

"Acceleration is impressive for a 4 cylinder. Dynamic driving modes (econ, normal, sport) are actually very useful. I feel more in touch with the road relative to the majority of sedans in this price range."

Anonymous, PA (2018 Acura TLX)

"For a V6 engine, it does not have immediate pick-up which I had in the two previous Acura TL’s I owned."

Anonymous, NY (2018 Acura TLX)

"Responsive handling, intuitive and safe."

Anonymous, NY (2018 Acura TLX)

"9 speed transmission is much improved over the 2015 model. Shift is much smoother."

Anonymous, TX (2018 Acura TLX)

"I have had 5 different TL and TLX models. They each have driven better than the last. Great acceleration."

Anonymous, TX (2018 Acura TLX)

"see my previous answer. I can not understand why you rate this vehicle so poor. It is a dream to drive."

Anonymous, AL (2018 Acura TLX)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The front passenger seat does not have enough adjustments available for a tall passenger. The seat is uncomfortable on long drives because it is too low to the floor"

Diana S., DE (2018 Acura TLX)

"Very comfortable, quiet. Good car for a trip"

Thomas B., AL (2018 Acura TLX)

"very comfortable seats with lumbar adjustment. quiet ride because of sound dampening process."

Anonymous, MA (2018 Acura TLX)

"All around great car, comfortable seats, quiet, handling, acceleration, safety features, best car I ever owned"

Jerry C., VA (2018 Acura TLX)

"Such a quiet car and smooth ride"

Anonymous, IN (2018 Acura TLX)

"Not quite sufficient back seat leg room for adult passengers. Front seat comfortable, good driver seat lumbar support, good insulation from road noise,"

George H., KY (2018 Acura TLX)

"The car drives like a custom set of gloves. Responds to every demand I put on her."

Anonymous, AL (2018 Acura TLX)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great value"

Harold S., NJ (2018 Acura TLX)

"great price and standard features"

Robert B., NY (2018 Acura TLX)

"Excellent value. Acura sells models not options. Trying to option competing models gave me a headache. With Acura you buy a particular model and there are no options. We have the Advanced SH-AWD so it has everything. Other cars like BMW, Audi, Mercedes would all be about $5-10K more expensive with the same items."

John C., NY (2018 Acura TLX)

"got a lease deal that was $8000 below MSRP. was posted to the Acura website."

Anonymous, MA (2018 Acura TLX)

"The vehicle came with a number of great features, especially for safety and convenience (like Android Auto Play). The performance is great all around and it a very comfortable car. The exterior and interior look sharp and I'm glad I got it."

Todd R., CT (2018 Acura TLX)

"Meaningful improvement in 2018 TLX vs. 2015 removes some annoyances and enhances the experience of driving. Much more satisfied with value."

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Acura TLX)

"With the Acura TLX, you get a lot as standard equipped versus it being an additional option on competing autos."

Anonymous, AR (2018 Acura TLX)

"I believe the Acura TLX was priced very well for a luxury car."

Anonymous, MA (2018 Acura TLX)

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