Acura TSX

This TSX delivers enough sportiness to be enjoyable while maintaining solid credentials as a well-rounded and capable car. An economical four-cylinder engine delivers responsive performance, the front seats are excellent and the interior is well appointed. But in some ways the TSX feels ordinary. The ride is nervous and handling, though agile, is let down by steering that is short on feedback.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Motorcycle like high rev engine with paddle shifters is fun to drive without dealing with a stick shift in city drive. Wish it has more power to keep up with its competitors but just powerful enough with everyday city / weekend drives."

Anonymous, IL (2010 Acura TSX)

"very nice performance for the price range and still gets good mpg"

Todd R., CT (2010 Acura TSX)

"Handles and drives very well on both long and short trips."

Anonymous, VA (2010 Acura TSX)

"Fun to drive."

Ronald S., FL (2010 Acura TSX)

"Electric power steering is a new experience and not as pleasing as hydraulic power steering. Tendency to wander."

GARY H., TX (2010 Acura TSX)

"A euro firm suspension with a 6-speed manual makes driving the 4 cyl fun. It was a shame they didn't offer this vehicle with a turbo or v6 for a little more pop, especially at high speeds (80+)"

Anonymous, PA (2010 Acura TSX)

"I continue to be impressed with the precise handling of the TSX. I feel so much more secure than with my previous auto."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Acura TSX)

"Drives fine"

J G., OR (2010 Acura TSX)

"Lots of power and great acceleration."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Acura TSX)

"Drives like an european car without the cost or care."

Anonymous, MO (2010 Acura TSX)

"Surprisingly competent as a sports sedan"

PHILIP B., MN (2010 Acura TSX)

"Best sporty sedan I have owned."

WILLIAM T., PA (2010 Acura TSX)

"Great pick up for a four cylinder engine, handles great in all weather conditions."

JOHN G., FL (2010 Acura TSX)

"Feel like it should handle better than it does even with after market tires"

Anonymous, NY (2010 Acura TSX)

"The car handles beautifully. It really hugs the road in every situation."

J N., CT (2010 Acura TSX)

"For my first small engine car. I don't mind the 4 cyl engine. It's responsive with no lag."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Acura TSX)

"Handles well and very easy to drive and accelerate."

Robert C., MD (2010 Acura TSX)

"Holds the road"

Anonymous, VA (2010 Acura TSX)

"The TSX leans more towards a sports car with good acceleration and handling. That said it also is not a smooth and quiet ride as its replacement, the TLX."

Larry E., OH (2010 Acura TSX)

"The car accelerates nicely from a standstill, has excellent low speed torque, I have no trouble entering traffic on an expressway and it holds the road almost as good as a sports car."

Albert Z., CT (2010 Acura TSX)

"Quick and low center of gravity"

Anonymous, CT (2010 Acura TSX)

"good acceleration for a 4 cycl. car and sensitive handling"

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Acura TSX)

"The Acura TSX has great acceleration for a 4 cylinder car. However, the steering is so sensitive that it's easy to over correct and sometimes hard to maintain a single lane. It definitely handles like a touchy sports car, but this is quite annoying for every day driving and highway driving."

Matt K., TX (2010 Acura TSX)

"Good acceleration for a small engine; comfortable ride."

Kelly T., WA (2010 Acura TSX)

"Handles very well--could be called a sports sedan. Love the gear shifting paddles, although I use them rarely."

Anonymous, MN (2010 Acura TSX)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Most comfortable leather seats we have sat on."

Greg S., IL (2010 Acura TSX)

"The most comfortable seats of any car I've driven. Very comfortable for long hauls."

Suzanne T., OH (2010 Acura TSX)

"Quiet enough with fun to drive suspension especially corners."

Anonymous, IL (2010 Acura TSX)

"A bit noisy...especially street noise annoying at times"

Anonymous, SC (2010 Acura TSX)

"Comfortable for short rides."

Ronald S., FL (2010 Acura TSX)

"It is difficult to get into and out of. Too low to ground."

Max F., TN (2010 Acura TSX)

"Comfort and reliability."

THOMAS R., FL (2010 Acura TSX)

"Rattle behind the dash and road noise are my only complaints"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Acura TSX)

"Too much road noise."

JIM H., FL (2010 Acura TSX)

"Only driver seat has support. Uncomfortable on long rides for passenger. Back seat had no leg room and I am short! Shocks are practically missing in action. Very noisy ride."

PATRICIA P., NJ (2010 Acura TSX)

"The seats are molded to provide comfort and support. Our other car is a 2016 Toyota Avalon, whose seats are flat in comparison. That makes them uncomfortable on long drives, unlike the ones in the Acura."

KENT D., VA (2010 Acura TSX)

"The ride is somewhat noisy."

JOHN M., OK (2010 Acura TSX)

"Very comfortable. Only complaint is road noise is not isolated very well on rougher roads. It's fine on smooth roads."

PAUL H., MI (2010 Acura TSX)

"Strong motor and power"

Anonymous, CT (2010 Acura TSX)

"Great seats"

Jonathan Y., OH (2010 Acura TSX)

"Road noise is louder than I would prefer."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Acura TSX)

"Durability, handling"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Acura TSX)

"Road noises too loud."

Marilyn B., CA (2010 Acura TSX)

"Comfort is very good. there is considerable road noise, possibly from the tires. the ride is controlled with good feed back through the steering wheel."

Albert Z., CT (2010 Acura TSX)

"Road noise can be very loud at times."

Anonymous, SD (2010 Acura TSX)

"The TSX has a above average handling but is does have more road noise and and a choppier ride, but is still comfortable enough for long trips."

Larry E., OH (2010 Acura TSX)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Very comfortable, handles well, super reliable, and love the looks."

Todd R., CT (2010 Acura TSX)

"It lacked a rear view camera, which is a function that would have been appreciated in a luxury car."

Anonymous, MD (2010 Acura TSX)

"Nice car, excellent for 2 persons"

J G., OR (2010 Acura TSX)

"The vehicle rides like a sports car; a little more rough than we expected."

JOE M., KS (2010 Acura TSX)

"Great transportation Navigation medium"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Acura TSX)

"Biggest bang for the buck"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Acura TSX)

"Always works as expected. Runs well and only requires routine maintenance."

Robert C., MD (2010 Acura TSX)

"extremely high reliability with regular maintenance. high quality build more of a sport tuned suspension"

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Acura TSX)

"This car cost little more than a comparable Honda, but feels more upscale. It has held its value well. Dealers are still trying to by it from me!"

Anonymous, DE (2010 Acura TSX)

"Like new after 7 years of ownership."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Acura TSX)

"after shopping it was the best value"

Anonymous, GA (2010 Acura TSX)

"Great car. It has never been in the shop for anything but normal maitanence"

Lance R., AZ (2010 Acura TSX)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Nice lines, sporty looking"

Anonymous, NC (2010 Acura TSX)

"I like the side profile of the car"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Acura TSX)

Would you buy this car again?

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