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Audi A6

Audi A6 2018 sedan Trim Shown: 2018 3.0T sedan AWD Automatic
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Audi's A6 has a comfortable ride and agile handling, strong performance, great seats, and excellent fit and finish. It's one of our highest ranked sedans and is a perfect long-distance cruiser with a whisper quiet, roomy cabin. The 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder works well but has a raspy, less-than-luxurious engine sound. The 3.0-liter supercharged V6 we tested is smooth and punchy, and returned a commendable 22 mpg overall. The front seats are comfortable and supportive, and the rear seat is roomy for three adults. An added plus is the large trunk. Although the infotainment system's center controller and screen take some getting used to, the system ultimately proves logical.
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2012 Redesign Year
Audi A6 2017
The 2012 redesign made the car even better, with an upgraded interior, comfortable seats, and a slick eight-speed automatic transmission. Rewarding for drivers and passengers alike. The sweet spot in the range is the Premium Plus trim, although it sacrifices ventilated front seats and a power-adjustable steering wheel, which are available only on Prestige trimmed cars. Unique high-tech features include Google Maps satellite view navigation and a built-in Wi-Fi hot spot. Most A6 buyers will select all-wheel-drive. Choosing between the supercharged V6 and the TDI diesel V6 is tough, as both deliver plenty of power with competitive fuel economy. (However, keep in mind the diesel is under a cloud of emissions controls violations and may not be the best move to make as far as resale value is concerned.)
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2017 N/A N/A
2016 $28,225 - $42,400 $24,680 - $38,030
2015 $22,550 - $35,200 $19,265 - $31,315
2014 $20,225 - $43,175 $16,935 - $38,825
2013 $16,400 - $34,850 $13,160 - $30,900
2012 $12,925 - $19,550 $9,825 - $16,025
2006 Redesign Year
Audi A6 2011 Trim Shown: 2011 Wagon
The A6 has responsive and secure handling, with a firm yet comfortable ride. Available AWD provides good snow traction. Handling is agile with responsive steering, but the low-speed ride is quite firm. A freshening for 2009 brought a new 300-hp, 3.0-liter supercharged V6 that delivers effortlessly, readily available power. The 3.2-liter V6 is now offered only with the front-wheel-drive version. Fuel economy is relatively good. The seats are excellent, and the interior is well finished and filled with nice details. The MMI driver-interaction system can be frustrating. A wagon and 4.2-liter V8 are available, as is a V10-powered S6 high performance sedan.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2011 $9,550 - $20,325 $6,650 - $16,780
2010 $8,825 - $18,450 $5,935 - $14,920
2009 $7,275 - $15,675 $4,430 - $12,155
2008 $6,600 - $11,275 $3,740 - $8,130
2007 $5,750 - $10,325 $2,960 - $7,230
2006 $4,800 - $7,075 $2,110 - $4,185
Audi A6 2000
The A6 features a well-done interior, composed ride, and fairly agile handling. Sumptuous and comfortable, the passenger compartment shows lots of attention to detail. Luxury features are abundant in Audi’s mid-sized sedan, including a heated steering wheel, as well as heated front and rear seats. However, while the Audi is quiet and refined, its driving characteristics are not as engaging as some of its competitors. All-wheel drive (AWD) is a big plus, but exacts a penalty in fuel economy.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2000 N/A N/A