The 330i is a harmonious blend of sportiness and luxury, one of the best all-around packages available. Power, agility, and excellent dynamic control make it fun to drive. Meanwhile, the quiet cabin, well-contoured front seats and composed ride contribute to a comfortable driving experience.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Seems to have retained the compression it had when we purchased it eleven years ago as a certified used vehicle. Very few repairs. Great handling and acceleration. Is starting to use a little oil between changes (@ 1/2 quart)."

S E., VA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"It is fun to shift and has lots of power when you want or need it. Smooth driving."

Anonymous, VA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Very agile and full of pep in automatic. Also fun to drive using manual feature of gear shift."

Anonymous, BC (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Stir Stylish and eye-catching red convertible. Driving is fun and handles road well"

Anonymous, MD (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"It really IS like a sports car. Plenty of punch. X-Drive system works very well."

Anonymous, PA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Fun to drive"

Anonymous, PA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Pocket rocket - w incredible handling. Why anyone would spend thousands of dollars to make this model even more powerful - unless they are racing it on a track there are NO US ROADS where that power can be used lawfully."

James H., GA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Excellent family sedan as well as car for driving schools on the track at speed."

Anonymous, CO (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Wonderful driving car, in every aspect."

Anonymous, IN (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"The 3 series from this generation was a great car to drive - handles great and great road feel."

Anonymous, VT (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Good engine torque,acceleration, cornering, stability. Steering feel is the best feature. No loose, over-boosted steering like cars from Japan"

Richard S., NJ (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Legendary BMW handling is the reason I am keeping this car for as long as I can."

Raymond M., WA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"A well built machine with precise handling and acceleration. a true sport sedan."

Robert S., MD (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"drives like it is on rails"

Anonymous, NY (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Absolutely amazing handling and a joy to drive even after 13 years."

ALLAN V., MN (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"terrific handling and acceleration. Sad that I cannot drive it faster."

Anonymous, HI (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Acceleration, handling, sense of effortless in the motor, it moves so smoothly, I love driving this car"

Anonymous, CA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Driving a reliable car is such a change when you get into a BMW. It is one of the most unreliable cars I have owned with several known issues. it's well built and easy to and logical to work on. But replacing so many components with so little mileage is unacceptable to me and that's where the rub is. For the price I paid and how low the miles are I love this car. The interior is hushed even at 80 mph even with all the squeaks and rattles. The a/c is powerful and versatile, and the heated seats a"

Anonymous, CO (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Best handling car on the planet. When BMW says "The ultimate driving machine", they are not kidding; it really is!"

PAUL P., FL (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Periodically when warming up it does not accelerate."

DAVID B., NC (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"This vehicle has one of the smoothest transmissions (shifting) I have ever driven. The engine is extremely smooth (no vibration). Acceleration is smooth and almost un-noticable when traveling at interstate speeds and increasing from 70 - 85 mph, for example. The 0 - 60 time isn't very exciting, but the speedometer has 155mph as top speed, and is correct. Very impressive drive train."

TONY T., SC (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"This car has a six speed transmission and is really fun to drive."

STEPHEN C., GA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"This is an everyday car that is fun to drive."

JIM V., MI (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"This car handles and accelerates like a fine sports car."

DAVID T., CA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Steering somewhat hard. Brakes squeak. Good acceleration. Can use regular gas."

H L., MN (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Great acceleration"

BRETT S., NJ (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Excellent acceleration and handling, including in snow with four wheel drive."

Anonymous, MI (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"excellent handling and acceleration"

Anonymous, OH (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"This is my 6th BMW. I love the handling and acceleration. That is the main reason I have owned 6 (all with over 200,000 miles)"

Anonymous, NH (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Lots of horsepower plus easily obtained, if expensive, Dinan tuner mods."

JOHN B., MD (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Very precise and secure handling. Good power delivery for most situations"

RAYMOND M., WA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Solid suspension, good acceleration and braking. Very maneuverable."

REX T., CA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Hey, it's a Beemer. 'nuf said. Can't think of anything bad, except a little underpowered. Makes up for that in handling."

GREGORY E., TX (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Solid, predictable, carves corners so well, it makes you confident to go even faster the next time. Acceleration is great, too: not a 'tire smoke dragster', but decent pull in all gears up to beyond legal limits. Engine revs very smooth, willingly."

JOHN F., WI (2003 BMW 3 Series)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Ride can be harsh over rough surfaces"

Anonymous, AB (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"This car is an awesome car to drive. Very comfortable, smooth, fuel efficient and powerful."

Anonymous, IN (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"I love the size of the car both inside and outside. I like how it handles and rides. It could use a bit more horsepower. The car just fits me quite well."

DAVE K., CA (2003 BMW 3 Series)


Anonymous, CA (2003 BMW 3 Series)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Frequent little things need to be fixed or replaced and the cost to have this car serviced for common maintenance items is very high relative to other vehicles. My wife loves the car, I dislike the overall cost to keep the car in good reliable running condition"

Anonymous, SC (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"April 2003 purchase, very low maintenance cost, still runs every day very reliably, quietly, efficiently."

Donald S., UT (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Major components broke during the first 40K miles. Even if you can get an extended warranty, be prepared to spend a fortune on repairs thereafter. These are designed poorly and have a lot of plastic."

John R., MD (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"This BMW 325i is a fun car to drive. It has a manual shift and powerful engine and still has modern styling. We did not pay too much for it either. Great car!"

Anonymous, VA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Purchased as a Certified used care with 17k miles. Great value only two problems in eleven years - Takata airbags and the starter."

S E., VA (2003 BMW 3 Series)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"First hardtop convertible"

Anonymous, OH (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"I like most of the lines on the car. The back end could be a bit better, but overall it is great."

DAVE K., CA (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Beautiful car; the only one that looks better is my 1966 Corvette fastback"

PAUL P., FL (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Looks great from nearly any angle, top up or down"

JOHN F., WI (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Very attractive car inside and out."

Anonymous, HI (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"Still looks great. I would not like if it looked like junk. I appreciate that it has aged well. When it needs repairs because of age I get it done right away."

Anonymous, SC (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"I really like the styling"

BRETT S., NJ (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"This car is a hoot to drive! Nobody combines wants and needs like BMW, they invented the segment decades before anyone even thought of it. My first was a 2002. It drove better than my 356 c, had a trunk, and heat! Four seats as well. All the wants and needs in one car Great concept"

FRED S., CT (2003 BMW 3 Series)

"It's a red M3 convertible. Nuff said."

JOHN B., MD (2003 BMW 3 Series)
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