Many people think of the 3 Series as the quintessential sport sedan. The smooth and quick 328i is a delight to drive, with a refined powertrain, agile handling and a firm, yet supple and controlled ride. Fit and finish are excellent, but the cabin is snug. A stronger engine improves acceleration and still manages good fuel economy, but seat revisions reduced comfort.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Great driving and handling car. Fun to drive."

MERLE B., WA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"A jpy to drive on mountain and country roads"

Anonymous, CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The 335i is a 300 hp with 2 turbos. Handling is great. Has run-flat tires, and excellent brakes."

FRANK V., TX (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Strong acceleration and tight steering on highway. Long highway trips yield almost 30 mpg"

Anonymous, NJ (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Best overall handling vehicle I ever had."

HUGH V., NC (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Computerized acceleration system is sometimes bothersome to deal with."

ANDY S., TX (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"This was reason for purchase and met all expectations. 335i with sport package, the power and aceleration are fantastic. Smooth and very linear. The steering and handling are superb. Love driving this car on winding mountain roads. Really the 'ultimate driving machine'."

MYLO S., SD (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"good handline"

Anonymous, CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The is car is solid, and handles wonderfully. We drove it last year from NJ to CA and not once did we feel unsafe when driving it. It has enough power to keep up with the other drivers on the interstates. It is responsive and handles well in bad weather. In fact, our intent was to give this car to our son in CA. We decided, we would rather keep it and drove it back this year to NJ."

JUDITH C., NJ (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Acceleration and handling are excellent. Truly fun to drive."

JOHN F., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Twin turbo,300 HP and handles like its on rails and will out brake most of the rest of the cars on the road"

NEILAN S., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The BMW lives up to the marketing slogan as the "ultimate driving machine". It is comfortable on the road and the precision of the steering, brake and throttle response give one a feeling of safety as you are in control."

STORLA C., GA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Amazing balance, after a few mods it accelerates like no other car I have owned."

Anonymous, SC (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The engine computer program had a tendency to lug in corners at low speed. This caused potential dring problems - this was never corrected. Handling is good. The aount of repiars needed and their cost is ridiculous and the design of many parts require very costly repairs as opposed to simple solutions. Ex. a $273 cost for replacing a brake light, two major AC repairs at 50K and 60K."

Anonymous, PA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The acceleration of the twin turbo is breath taking. It really moves."

Anonymous, AZ (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Handling & acceleration"

Anonymous, WA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Handling and acceleration are still excellent."

Anonymous, CT (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"I can leave anyone in the dust accelerating from a red light (yes, I left a Porsche, Charger, etc.)"

Anonymous, CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"This is a fantastic handling car. Drives much better than my Saab, my Buick, and any other car, EXCEPT for my 740iL, Nothing compares to a BMW."

PATRICK H., TX (2008 BMW 3 Series)


Anonymous, WA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"I regret not getting the AWD version for better traction on snow."

Anonymous, AB (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Best car I've ever driven - effortlessly responsive, very sure footed in any weather."

THOMAS R., WA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The acceleration is slow. I press the gas and it take a fraction of a second to go. There is a hesitation. I asked about it and the mechanic says it's normal. I don't feel it in other cars."

Anonymous, OR (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Everything the BMW advertisers say about the "Ultimate Driving Experience" is true. The weight distribution is great on cornering, and the twin-turbos give plenty of power when needed."

MARTIN D., CT (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Compared to the 235, this car is lacking. But it still is a fine automobile."

THOMAS J., OR (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"I LOVE driving this car. We bought it in Germany where the autoban has no speed limit; and wish I could let her fly on OUR highways here in the U.S. I do temper my desire to do so, just so you know. She can really accelerate quickly, though."

Anonymous, WI (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The driving experience is great. The steering feel and control are fantastic. The power from the engine is very good and smooth."

JOSHUA M., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Excellent handling car, 6 speed manual is well matched to the engine"

Anonymous, CT (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Am little disappointed in acceleration. It's slower than I expected"

LINDA W., SC (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The turbo-charged 3 liter 6 cylinder engine is fantastic. Coupled with a manual transmission, this car is about as much fun to drive as a daily driver can get."

Anonymous, DC (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Exciting acceleration"

Anonymous, MD (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"driver car good steering"

Anonymous, CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"It delivers on high expectations."

Anonymous, NY (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"I have to accelerate quickly to get on the highway. This car has excellent acceleration. This is my favorite car that I have driven for handling. Very smooth ride."

Anonymous, TN (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Mainland driving fun. Sporty handling. Comfort."

David B., HI (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Fantastic acceleration and very direct steering. After almost 10 years, some people think this is a brand new car!"

Anonymous, CT (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Awesome acceleration. Very satisfying sports handling, A blast to drive!"

Anonymous, WA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"I can get up and go whenever it wants"

Anonymous, IN (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Hugs the road and a very fun car to drive."

Victor V., NC (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Have the up graded engine 335i so it really accelerates and handles very well."

Anonymous, NH (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Quick, fast, superb cornering, 300+ HP w/twin turbos excellent touring machine."

Anonymous, WA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"BMW handle like the sporty German car you expect with regards to handling and holding the road. I do have a complaint about the automatic transmission that hesitates and is sluggish when compared the my previous BMWs with manual xmssn."

Warren F., NC (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Expensive maintenance"

Ammir K., IL (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"It is an absolute delight to drive. It is a wagon but totally drives like the sedan."

Anonymous, NY (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"My BMW M3 is an amazing automobile. It has the ability to give you a comfortable ride or with the press of the M button, it turns into a beast. I have driven it on the German Autobahns with the cruise control set to 130 mph and the car still has massive power to take off like a rocket and blow the competition off the road. It is a great everyday sports car."

Gregory S., AE (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The acceleration, handling and braking of this car are hard to beat. It provides excellent feedback and control to the driver, and the handling and braking inspire a great deal of confidence in the vehicle's ability to perform in good and bad road conditions, and in emergency and avoidance situations."

Anonymous, SK (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"It's not a hot road but has very good acceleration and the road handling is great. It just feels good to drive it. It is truly a "drivers car"."

Anonymous, AZ (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"It is the ultimate driving machine."

Edward C., PA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Car drives great. Has a lot of little problems"

Laura P., FL (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Engine is powerful. Very quick acceleration especially at highway speeds. Great handling, but ride with sport suspension was harsh over rough pavement. Replaced shocks to improve ride at a cost of $1700. Switch from Bridgestone to Michelin tires helped with noise and harshness. Wheels are prone to bends, tires to bubbles if you hit a pothole with 18" sport wheels."

Anonymous, VA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Many times the car hesitates when accelerating."

Samuel D., TX (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Smooth, rapid turbo charged acceleration with virtually no turbo lag. Handling on curves , steering and on center feel are superb. It is the ultimate driving machine!"

Mylo S., SD (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"When on windy roads, it is helpful to pus the shift lever to the left to D/S to handle the turns. Not only does that change the gearing ratios, but it also partners with an onboard computer that assists (not controls) the handling. Excellent implementation. The cost of the D/S switch over is that mileage drops from 21 mpg to 17 mpg."

Rick T., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Adjustable suspension and M features enable comfortable cruising or tight sports car handling and response."

Mark D., NJ (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The ultimate driving machine. It's fun, fast and it's beautiful."

Donna M., NC (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Great handling. Expensive to maintain."

Anonymous, NY (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"High performance race car driving experience."

Thomas Y., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"All I have to say is that it is a M car."

Anonymous, HI (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"This is a 335 convertible. Acceleration and handling is great, despite the fact that this is a RWD car. Additionally, the automatic stability and traction controls work amazing well, even in very slippery conditions (we use the car in Canadian winter)"

Marek D., ON (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"excellent. steering responsive. braking good."

Anonymous, VA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Handles exceptionally well and has great pick-up."

Alan S., FL (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"This has been a great driving car and I have been over-the-top satisfied with that . I have kept it this long because I have had zero trouble except for the airbag situation earlier this year ."

Anonymous, CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"It drives better then most similar cars especially for its age and price but I regret not getting the m3 version. I plan to upgrade to a m3 or similar performance car - Porsche 911 or amg c63"

Anonymous, TN (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Acceleration, at highway speeds is excellent."

Anonymous, TX (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"A comfortable, competent vehicle. Lags behind only the 1 and 2 series when it comes to performance."

Thomas J., OR (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Tight handling even with the factory sport suspension components; twin turbo N54 engine offers fast acceleration with only a slight hint of turbo delay."

Anonymous, TX (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"It's the most enjoyable I have ever owned I still get a thrill every time I take it out."

Calvin J., CT (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Fun to drive, great tight ride and acceleration."

Anonymous, NC (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"I love the way this car drives and handles AFTER I got rid of the horrible run flat tires... Do yourself a big favor and put good regular tires on this vehicle... it improves ride and handling by 50%!"

Ernani D., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Smooth, thrilling acceleration and superb handling."

Anonymous, HI (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Great for both"

Anonymous, AZ (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The BMW 328i hardtop convertible handles very well in adverse conditions such as rain. I've also managed to avoid a couple of accidents due to its maneuverability. At high speeds, it handles exceptionally well."

Kyle S., LA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Terrific acceleration and handling"

Janice W., MA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"My BMW sits close to the ground and drives like a race car. If you accelerate and aren't ready for it, the car might slip out from beneath you!"

Anonymous, TX (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"I love everything about how this car accelerates and handles, it has been worth every penny I've spent on it. I would say though that low profile tires hit potholes harder than regular tires - I would think twice about buying a car in the future with such tires, I'd probably do it again though, but I do think about it."

Anonymous, OH (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"good handling, LED light is expansive to replace"

Anonymous, CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Great acceleration and ride for a 10+ year old car."

Anonymous, OR (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"drives great, lots of fun"

Hendrik D., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"great handling,brakes and acceleration"

Anonymous, BC (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"It is a BMW. That should be enough to tell you that driving it puts a smile on my face. Even going to the grocery store is a fun experience."

Storla C., GA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The car accelerates and handles beautifully, and is truly a pleasure to drive."

J L., IL (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"No wonder every other manufacturer wants to copy this car. It’s tame at cruising speeds but there is a thrill just inches away at the touch of the throttle. And the suspension is always giving feedback with a stable feel. It is the standard for sport coupès."

Rod S., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Engine hesitation when accelerating."

Anonymous, CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Hugs the road in all conditions and has the acceleration needed to survive on the highway"

Anonymous, MD (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"this car has outstanding acceleration and handling. I paid extra for the performance and I enjoy it"

Mark C., MD (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Balance and comfort."

R P., NY (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Total fun to drive. Very responsive and great acceleration. Feels safe too"

Anonymous, CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Excellent driving experience"

Edward C., PA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"I love the handling as it is very responsive and there is good acceleration when I need it"

Anonymous, AZ (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Neck snapping acceleration from twin-turbo inline 6-cylinder. Handles curves with ease, and excellent braking. A true sports car."

Anonymous, MD (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Sporty drive with good acceleration - slight turbo lag but with then go!"

Michael A., NC (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Very sporty and great handling. The sport package is good value and meets my needs and expectations"

William T., TX (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"It is such a delight to drive even at 11 years old"

Anonymous, WV (2008 BMW 3 Series)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Nice quiet ride, even with the run flats. Good acceleration and handling. AC works great even here in Arizona."

HOWARD S., AZ (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"I got the sports package and it is stiff. Not a comfortable ride for a long trip. It can also be noisy depending on what tires you put on."

Anonymous, OR (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The sport seats are the best I've ever had."

Anonymous, CT (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The air vents cannot be adjusted because the plastic directional control handles broke within 2 years of owning the vehicle on several of the vents. The expandable cup holder also stopped working. They are extremely expensive to fix. Two mid 30 adults operate this vehicle in a respectful manner."

Anonymous, VA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The car has the "sport" package and came with run flat tires. The ride is stiff and a bit harsh."

JOHN L., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"It is not a car for extreme comfort. The headrest and the seat gives a low back pain if you drive for more than a couple hours. Its noise comes from the rooftop."

Anonymous, FL (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Comfort and SAFETY!"

Anonymous, CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The 335i is a drivers car and is very comfortable from that perspective."

FRANK V., TX (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The run flat tires cause a very stiff ride. The front seats are quite comfortable and supportive."

RICHARD E., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The ride with sport suspension is very harsh. I spent 2700 upgrading the shocks and it got only slightly better. The tires are suspectible to bubbles and the wheels to bends due to low profile tires. I replaced two tires at the cost of $300 per tire and repaired one wheel for $150. I have never been able to get comfortable in the seat. The frame dug into my legs in the bolsters. I had to pay a shop to add padding and it's only marginally better. The nav was the last year for the DVD based sy"

KENNETH H., VA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Seat is contoured to the body, with extension for longer/shorter legs."

Anonymous, CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Four passenger car is actually a two-passenger vehicle. Two grandchildren-preschooler - are too large for legroom between back of front seats ant rear seat."

BERT A., TN (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The sports leather seats are very, very comfortable and let you still have a great road feel."

ERNANI D., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The ride was unbearable with the run flats. Every little bump was bone jarring. Putting regular tires on was the best move I ever made but been driving without a spare."

EDWARD A., CT (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"While the car is very comfortable for highway cruising it ride and noise were very bad from teh poor run flats that were available for the first 3 or 4 years. Also the shck travel was badly engineered so you could bottom out easily just on a street with a few inches difference."

Anonymous, PA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Front seats are extremely comfortable, I love the adjustable seat extensions that help supports the bottom of your legs."

Anonymous, SC (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Incredibly fun to drive this car. The engine noise is fantastic for a sports focused car like this!"

Anonymous, CT (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"I have the sport seats and they are very comfortable. Lots of adjustments. Great for long rides and hold you in place for spirited driving"

Anonymous, CT (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"This is one of the older pre-2011 BMW's that was the "ultimate driving machine." Road feel is great. The only cons about the car are that it is too low for parking lot bumpers and it is a bit small for larger people."

Rick T., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The seats feel like they are hugging you and are molded to your body. You feel very secure during all driving conditions."

Anonymous, HI (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Seats offer excellent adjustment for lumbar, side bolsters and seat reach. Very comfortable and not difficult to enter / exit vehicle."

Mark D., NJ (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Seats are superb even after 10 years. The noise is low to tolerable, and the ride is excellent."

J L., IL (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The BMW 328i is what an automobile should be. The ride is comfortable and you feel secure."

Storla C., GA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The leather looking vinyl(?) seat still look great and fit the driver and passenger well. I love the performance type ride."

Anonymous, OR (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Rear seat very low and difficult to enter and exit. Would like more tinted glass"

Bill H., OH (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The suspension is awful. Every bump or pot hole is jarring"

Anonymous, NY (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Very comfortable long distance. Quiet ride, comfortable seats."

Anonymous, CT (2008 BMW 3 Series)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The car has been great until some expensive repairs to drivetrain this year. Their warranty period is too short given the cost of the vehicle."

Anonymous, VA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Parts and service (through dealer) are very expensive. Have mostly used independent shop. Dislike run-flat tires--very expensive and they wear quickly--25,000 miles on a set of tires is good."

Anonymous, VA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"The engine has had one problem after another that I have had to pay to repair despite the car having low mileage If there is a problem with the engine design or components, they should recall it and fix the problems at THEIR cost, not pass the costs on to the consumer. They have recalled other engines, just not mine. I will never buy another BMW."

MELANIE J., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Handles wonderfully, a pleasure to drive"

THEODORE D., NJ (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Based on performance and finish, the 2008 3 series convertible is a great value. It is quick and sporty and very fun to drive"

BILL T., TX (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Very expensive. Doesn't hold its resale value. Very high repair and maintenance costs--$17,000 over 10 years."

Anonymous, VA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Excellent reliable car over 10+ years."

Anonymous, MD (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Was able to purchase the vehicle at invoice price through the European Delivery program; the VIP delivery experience in Munich and re-delivery at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, SC, was absolutely fantastic. An overall incredible value."

Anonymous, TX (2008 BMW 3 Series)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The styling is sleek and understated. The interior is well developed. A really nice package"

BILL T., TX (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Sleek, aggressive styling. Still a beautiful car after all these years"

NEILAN S., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Waited until BMW made a significant styling change before buying the vehicle."

LAWRENCE C., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Great styling!"

Anonymous, CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)

"Front spoiler is too low. I frequently hit curbs and parking tire stops"

DAVID H., CA (2008 BMW 3 Series)
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