Emphasizing sport over utility, the X4 is a coupelike variant of the X3. It's agile, rides tautly, and has a beautifully trimmed cabin. Front and rear seats are lowered to keep passengers' heads from hitting the low roof, and the cargo space shrinks considerably under the sloping rear hatch, making it a less practical SUV.
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BMW X4 Road Test
First Drive

Piloting the impressive, high-tech, agile BMW X4


If you have trouble keeping track of BMW's new mind-boggling model mix, you're not alone. The new X4, a coupelike version of the X3 SUV, isn't the first or the only four-door hatchback coupe grown from the quintessential BMW 3 Series roots. In fact there are two others: the 3 Series Gran Turismo and 4 Series Gran Coupe.

You can also view the X4 as BMW's interpretation of the genre-bending Honda Crosstour or Toyota Venza. Vive la différence.

By definition, a coupe is more about form than function: sleek, low-slung, and hard to get into or exit. Let's put that limitation aside for now. Likewise, whether you want to consider the X4 a hatchback, a wagon, a coupe, or an SUV, it drives like a BMW and a good one at that.

Impressions To get some first-hand experience with this latest 3 Series mutant, we rented an X4 from BMW. Like most other Xs, it will spring from BMW's South Carolina assembly plant.
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