The Buick Regal is a well-honed, pleasant sedan brought over from GM's German Opel subsidiary. As such it conveys a typically European driving experience, with a taut and steady ride, sporty handling, and excellent fit and finish. Firm, supportive seats and tight rear accommodations are another European hallmark. The base four-cylinder engine is underpowered, but agile handling tends to help make up for that.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Excellent handling and road feel."

Anonymous, NH (2011 Buick Regal)

"The Regal handles curves very nicely. It hugs the road and gives you the feeling that you are in control. Very easy to pass in a short distance."

Gerald W., OH (2011 Buick Regal)

"Pros: I put her through her paces. She's an Opel (built in Germany by Opel) with Buick branding. Handles very well and when I do my job on the stick, the car responds quickly and well. Love taking the windy roads with this one because the cornering and acceleration out of the curves is outstanding. Climbs are a bit rough at our altitude of 9000 ft but that's mostly due to driver not downshifting quickly enough to compensate. Cons: A bit laggy on the mountain passes even downshifted but even our automatics can have some problems."

Mary C., CO (2011 Buick Regal)

"I have been very impressed with the handling of the Buick Regal. It has a European feel and is definitely on par with Audi & BMW. My Regal has the normally aspirated engine which is adequate but uninspiring. I have driven the turbo and believe that the turbo is the proper engine to make the Regal a real competitor. I would (and did) take the Regal over an Audi or BMW and would do it again."

Michael M., CT (2011 Buick Regal)

"Very nimble steering, brakes well, exceptional acceleration for a 4 cylinder car (due to the turbo)"

Anonymous, NY (2011 Buick Regal)

"Very good acceleration and handling, much better than I expected, drives more like a BMW/Acura than an American car."

Ian M., IN (2011 Buick Regal)

"Acceleration and handling. It is great on acceleration and handles like a sports car. Note: This car was assembled in Germany."

Anonymous, CT (2011 Buick Regal)

"Corners well. Great feel."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Buick Regal)

"Engine Turbo 2.0L 4 Cyl has a pretty good start from the line great acceleration. Braking also is decent."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Buick Regal)

"Plenty of acceleration when needed to merge into traffic or to pass another vehicle."

Anonymous, CO (2011 Buick Regal)

"Every aspect of driving the car is fun."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Buick Regal)

"has great acceleration and gas mileage, very good handling"

G S., VA (2011 Buick Regal)

"Gas mileage is less on the 2011 Regal a less then our 2002 regal with the 6 cylinder engine. Acceleration is very poor above 25 miles por hour."

Anonymous, MN (2011 Buick Regal)

"Handling for a family sedan is excellent."

Anonymous, WI (2011 Buick Regal)

"Turbo charged engine has good acceleration"

KENNETH C., CA (2011 Buick Regal)

"Engine a little to small could have better acceleration."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Buick Regal)

"It is really fun to drive. very comfortable"

DEXTER P., QC (2011 Buick Regal)

"smooth, enough power, and control, feels solid and sporty"

Anonymous, OH (2011 Buick Regal)

"In some conditions, I would appreciate to have a V6 motor in order to get a better acceleration."

Anonymous, QC (2011 Buick Regal)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats conform well to a person and have several adjustments to improve comfort. It is also quiet and has a smooth ride."

Ken M., CA (2011 Buick Regal)

"The seats are very comfortable and the ride is smooth and quiet."

Kenneth M., CA (2011 Buick Regal)

"I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable and quiet the Regal is, I previously drove an Acura TSX, and test drove a BMW 5 series and the Buick was better than both."

Ian M., IN (2011 Buick Regal)

"The quietness, comfort and overall driving experience of this car were what sold it. (Purchased post-tsunami and there were literally only a handful of Japanese cars to choose from and we had to replace a car totalled by another DWI driver/vehicle.) I had a short commute and now am retired so much of the car's mileage has been on long trips, including days of 800 miles. It's been a nice car for that purpose."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Buick Regal)

"Until recently, I was the primary driver of our Buick Regal. I must say that I have taken my ribbing for driving an "old persons" Buick but this really is not a car for the stereotypical "old person" Buick driver. The seats are firm (in a good way) and supportive with a European feel to them. The leather is something you would find in a Mercedes, BMW or Audi. The Regal is relatively quiet with little wind or road noise but not so quiet that you feel numb. The ride is sporty and firm and if you ask me rivals the smaller BMW's that I have driven. The ride is also forgiving enough for me to drive 4 hours without stopping and be fresh enough to walk into a meeting with a client and not feel like I had been sitting on a milk crate."

Michael M., CT (2011 Buick Regal)

"Very comfortable to drive"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Buick Regal)

"On a long drive the seat grow increasingly uncomfortable. They perhaps need more cushioning. Around town it is ok."

Pam C., CA (2011 Buick Regal)

"Pros: This baby is so lux compared to my previous vehicles. Nice smooth ride without mushy. The seats are easy to adjust and quiet comfortable. The ride is quiet but there are a few little plastic noises creeping in."

Mary C., CO (2011 Buick Regal)

"Quiet and comfortable"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Buick Regal)

"There are times that I am driving for 4 hours straight and this car's interior is high quality and comfortable enough to make it enjoyable."

MICHAEL M., CT (2011 Buick Regal)

"While driving the wind noise that is heard sounds as if there is a window always open"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Buick Regal)

"Front passenger side noise that occurs when decelerating (35-25 mpg) while turning left. Dealer unable to find or replicate."

WILLIAM R., NJ (2011 Buick Regal)

"great support adjustments and comfort"

Anonymous, OH (2011 Buick Regal)

"I am amazed of the quality, cushioned ride I enjoy as well as the quietness of the vehicle interior when driving my Buick. Absolutely love the comfort and quietness."

HAROLD E., ME (2011 Buick Regal)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"poor resale value!!"

Anonymous, OH (2011 Buick Regal)

"I purchased this 5-year-old, great-looking, premium sedan for $14,300. Comparable imports cost more and domestics were of lower quality."

Anonymous, BC (2011 Buick Regal)

"Perfect, like new condition. Very nice custom paint. $15000 for a 4 yr old vehicle. Adequate power but not more than that. Very satisfied."

Anonymous, CO (2011 Buick Regal)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I think it's one of the most stylish sedans on the road, regardless of price, and since it came out in 2011, I see many of the more expensive brands adopting some of its styling points."

LARRY T., MA (2011 Buick Regal)

"Like the looks of it. Everyone thinks it is a 2016 model. This one was in perfect condition, well maintained. Interesting custom paint/pin-stripping."

Anonymous, CO (2011 Buick Regal)

"Even though the car is now over 5 years old, it still gets admiring looks and people ask what make and model it is. He has an undated look with the look of a much more expensive sport sedan."

CATHLEEN L., CA (2011 Buick Regal)
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