2011 Chevrolet Traverse Owner Satisfaction - Consumer Reports
The Chevrolet Traverse can comfortably seat up to eight adults, while leaving good cargo space behind the third row. It rides pleasantly and handles surprisingly well, especially for its size. Drivers and passengers will appreciate the quiet cabin, comfortable seats and well-finished interior. Test results for the Traverse also apply to the GMC Acadia.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"moves through traffic nicely very predictable handling however seems to search for the best gear too much"

John J., WA (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"At low speeds, the vehicle is turns sluggishly and handling is less than smooth. However, once at 25+ mph the car is nimble for its size."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Very easy to drive and maneuver. Good acceleration"

Anonymous, AR (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Very poor handling and acceleration"

Ross H., TX (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Easy to drive, pulls my travel trailer with no issues. No handling issues."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Acceleration is not as quick/responsive as the Yukon Doesn't corner as well as the Yukon"

Joyce B., CA (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Drives more like a car"

R M., NY (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"so-so acceleration, takes more pressure on accelerator than expected; great handling"

Anonymous, OR (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Handles very well in on and off road conditions. Good acceleration when passing. Very smooth cruse control on the highway. The ride is a bit stiff being a SUV."

Steve R., IL (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Driving comfort"

John E., DE (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"It handles great for a large vehicle."

Jim L., IN (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"you got it.acceleration and handling."

ASHRAM P., FL (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Our Traverse handles well and is quite comfortable."

R M., NY (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Within a couple weeks of owning this car I experienced difficulty when excellerating. I can be going 60mph and then attempt to speed up to 65 to pass ... The car makes grinding sound and shifts down before excellerating. The dealer cannot seem to find any issues. also when in a small incline the car rolls back before going forward."

Anonymous, MO (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Occasionally when step on accelerator for quick speed increase (i.e. entering freeway), there is a hesitation during the acceleration."

SUZANNE M., CA (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Smooth ride with good power"

MICHAEL R., MO (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Acceleration is adequate and reliable. Handling is excellent and predictable. The ride comfort is outstanding, and it is more quiet on the road than most cars."

Anonymous, SK (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"I've recently been hearing knocks from the front right wheel well. I haven't had it examined yet, but it's surely an issue to report. Additionally, the climate controls now often won't change according with the movement of the control knob. If I have the dial set to full hot and then turn the knob to cold, the air continues to blow hot at times. Again, not serious but it seems to be an issues on the Traverse models released around 2011."

CHRISTOPHER C., ME (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"acceleration and overall power are surprisingly good for a vehicle of this size, but still gets reasonable gas mileage."

RON M., OH (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The acceleration is very good most of the times. There are times when the vehicle stalls just a bit when you step on the gas. Handling is good."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"good solid handling with an adequately strong engine. the all-wheel drive feels very stable, drives pretty well in snow"

Anonymous, TX (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Good - room and ride Bad - blind areas"

Timothy L., MA (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Suspension was replaced 3-4 times. Struts did not hold up to gravel toads"

Anonymous, NE (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Acceleration and handling has been exceptionally well for us"

Anonymous, OH (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Good accelerations. Very powerfull when towing 4000lbs trailer"

Eric B., QC (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The Traverse has ample acceleration and a very comfortable ride."

David K., CA (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Quite a few more rattles in the dash and they get worst in the cold weather"

Dale D., MI (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Rides high on the road. Plenty of room inside the car."

Anonymous, MN (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"I like the way the seats adjust. I like that I can carry 7 passengers in the car. It's a quiet car which suits all of my needs."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Very comfortable and accommodating"

R M., NY (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Long distance highway driving (500+miles per day) is relatively painless in the Traverse."

W J., AZ (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)


Ed Y., FL (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Seats are soft, but supportive. It rides like a luxury sedan, yet works like a truck. Interior noise levels are excellent, considering the expanse of floor."

Henry S., SK (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"OurTraverse is extremely comfortable to drive daily and on extended trips"

Anonymous, WV (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"I have driven 12 hrs or more and the seats fir me perfectly and I don't have any backache at all."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"My car is equipped with adjustable leather seats that include heaters. I have taken this car on two-day drives and rarely feel stiffness when getting out of the car every few hours at a rest stop or gas station. The ride is very smooth in this vehicle, and noise is modest; I do not need to crank the audio volume to a very high level to hear it over the road noise."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Very comfortable."

Anonymous, AR (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"This vehicle is large and comfortable enough to make long trips bearable. I don’t like the manual passenger seat. It is fairly comfortable but I would like more adjustability."

D L., OH (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"seats have many adjustments ride is quiet controls are natural feeling overall comfort is very good"

John J., WA (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Seats uncomfortable--headrest is not in proper position for shorter people Noisy on acceleration Ride is more bumpy than the Yukon Problems with repeated burnout of headlight, tail light and marker bulbs"

Joyce B., CA (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The angle of the seats are uncomfortable. I am 5'4" and I am not able to seat back in the seat due to the angle of the seat and headrest. This is the worst thing for me on this vehicle."

Lisa M., AR (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Seats are not good quality"

THEODORE S., FL (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"road noise is an issue"

Anonymous, SC (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Quiet firm yet comfortable ride"

Anonymous, MN (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The first two rows of seats are very comfortable as they are captain chairs, but the last row of seats is a little cramped for room for three. I wish the second row of seats had more adjustments to improve seating. Noise is not a problem and the ride is relatively good. Climate control is starting to show some wear and a little bit of a problem keeping the cabin cool."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The middle row center seat is quite uncomfortable for any passenger sitting there because of the rigid seat belt anchor for the center seat. it would be more appropriate to have a flexible latch in that position."

Anonymous, IL (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"great car for long road trips in terms of ride, noise, seats. Terrible visibility out the rear window."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Traverse has horrible blind spots. Seat not comfortable on long trips. Power steering rack leaked just after warranty. GM refused to pay for just part. I understand labor needs to be paid, but should have paid for faulty part. Just a couple months past warranty. Also had to replace transmission mount. Didn't see that on survey."

Anonymous, IL (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"2 things: front headrests force you into strange contortion of neck. Ride is very bouncy, especially in rear seat."

DAVE P., NC (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Very comfortable vehicle, also very quiet. Ride is very comfortable."

ALBERT S., VT (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The seats are supportive in the right places, and are quite comfortable on a long drive. The interior is very quiet, and the vehicle rides like a limosine."

Henry S., SK (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Very smooth and quiet ride. Large seats and still good after 6 years"

Eric B., QC (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Excellent ride. Very comfortable."

Anonymous, NH (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Seats are comfortable, there is no outside noise when driving."

Darcetha M., AR (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The price was comparable to a sedan. It has been reliable and versatile beyond all expectations."

Henry S., SK (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The car is way over priced"

John H., NH (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"A lot of features, space and comfort for a good price when compared to other SUVs on the market."

Steve R., IL (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Probably the best car I have owned. 122000 miles and still running strong. The interior and exterior are still excellent."

Donald F., MI (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Would have purchased a new Traverse if the warrenty had not been reduced from 100,000 miles to 60,000 miles."

Anonymous, ME (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"This has been a great vehicle for us."

Anonymous, OH (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Traverse was an extra good value for features of comfort and convenience for the amount paid"

Anonymous, WV (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The driver's seat broke."

ALVIS R., IL (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"There are multiple little things that have gone wrong on a vehicle purchased with low mileage: multiple water leaks, drivers side window no longer works, speakers went out, back up screen has a line on it, mold, etc."

KATHLEEN T., OH (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The Traverse was reasonably priced for its class, and has been totally satisfactory in all respects. It performs better than many so-called "Luxury" imports for half the price."

Anonymous, SK (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"We felt we got a good deal based on the trade-in, net price of vehicle and the low financing the dealer got for us"

MICHAEL R., MO (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The vehicle exceeded my estimation regarding the flexibility of the interior. It handles everything from 7 passengers in relative comfort to hauling large, bulky items like furniture. The ride, handling, and comfort, as well as the quality of interior materials, are above average for this vehicle's type.It perfectly meets the needs I bought it to meet."

MICHAEL R., IN (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"I have reported a transmission issue from the beginning of owning my Traverse and it eventually failed me. I drive high miles, but take very good care of my Traverse and do everything the dealer's service department recommends. Also have the interior of the Traverse not holding up to the chemicals the dealer used to clean my car. This was maintained exclusively at Chevrolet dealership. Many problems throughout the ownership of this SUV. Poor value as it cost me over $65,000 to own."

Michael B., FL (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"It has the room we needed, the style is great and it has been very reliable for us"

Anonymous, OH (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"This vehicle was bought for significantly less money than the Tahoe I had previously, but it does all the same jobs, and more economically. It pulls trailers admirably, and gets respectable mileage. It has given more than 160000 trouble free kilometers, and I will eventually replace it with exactly the same model."

Henry S., SK (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Expensive vehicle with lower actual mileage than rated, and the vehicle frequently and repetitively needs repairs."

Lynda E., NY (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Not boxy like some large SUV's"

Anonymous, MN (2011 Chevrolet Traverse)

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